Six acoustic products that control noise levels in busy interiors

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Dezeen Showroom: a collection of acoustic panels disguised as wall decor is among the most recent acoustic products to be featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Also included in the selection is a solo work booth by Room, a dish-shaped acoustic ceiling panel by Woven Image and a desk with a noise-dampening screen by Pedrali.

Products that help control noise levels contain or are covered in compressed fibres, for example, felt, wool or foam, which absorb sounds and create quieter and thus calmer interior spaces.

In the interest of sustainability, felt used in acoustic treatments is increasingly made from recycled PET plastic and wool continues to be a popular material due to its natural, renewable origins.

Acoustic products and furnishings are usually used in offices and mixed-use spaces that function partially as workplaces but are also specified in education, healthcare and hospitality environments.

Read on to see the most recent acoustic products listed on Dezeen Showroom from a range of internationally renowned brands, companies and manufacturers:

Buddyhub desk by Busetti Garuti Redaelli for Pedrali

Italian brand Pedrali collaborated with design studio Busetti Garuti Redaelli on an enclosed desk with an integrated screen on three sides that promotes both privacy and quietness.

The Buddyhub desk comes in a range of colours with a selection of optional accessories and can be positioned at both seated or standing heights.

Find out more about Buddyhub ›

OmniRoom room-in-room system by Mute

Office furniture company Mute created a modular system of rooms designed by architects that help to create functional zones in open-plan workspaces.

The OmniRoom room-in-room system comes in modules with various functions including meeting rooms, offices and breakout lounges, which are all noise-regulated by acoustic systems.

Find out more about OmniRoom ›

Parthos acoustic column by Narbutas

Workplace furnishing brand Narbutas has created a tubular item of furniture that helps dampen noise in offices as well as perform other decorative and storage-related purposes.

The Parthos acoustic column comes in a selection of 12 different colours and three different heights.

Find out more about Parthos ›

The Phone Booth acoustic pod by Room

Office pod brand Room designed a single-person work booth that provides a small, quiet zone for solo work and calls.

The Phone Booth is encased in three sound-absorbing layers – MDF, PET felt and natural wool – that combine to reduce noise levels by 30 decibels, according to Room.

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Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles by Woven Image

Australian brand Woven Image looked to historical design periods Art Deco and Japonisme to inform the design of their Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles.

The tiles are intended to be mounted to the ceiling to help control noise levels and can be configured into various patterns.

Find out more about Fuji ›

Abstracta x Wall of Art acoustic art prints by Abstracta

Swedish brand Abstracta worked with wall decor platform Wall of Art on a series of wall art that have a second function as acoustic panels.

The prints in the Abstracta x Wall of Art collaboration have a backing made from sound-dampening fabric, providing noise control.

Find out more about Abstracta x Wall of Art ›

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