Small and Mighty Super Smart Fridge Is Designed for Wine O’Clock

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During the last few years it’s become increasingly common to add a secondary refrigerator to the mix. But fridges are big, requiring parking them wherever space permits, typically in the garage or basement, ruling out the option for many smaller home, apartment, and loft dwellers from participating in wine o’clock festivities. Rocco co-founders Alyse Borkan and Sam Naparstek set out to address this trend, launching The Super Smart Fridge as an appliance with furniture-style presence that can live right alongside its cocktail loving occupants.

When was the last time you thought of keeping a refrigerator in the living room, dining room, or home office?

Positioned somewhere between a small refrigerator and a dedicated wine fridge, The Super Smart Fridge’s distinguishing trait is its contemporary design. With a modern exterior complemented by a fluted glass door, the compact refrigerator is better suited to seamlessly blend in with rest of the decor in rooms than any other refrigerator we can think of.

The Super Smart Fridge is already compact in size, measuring just 16-inches in depth. While most fridges are not designed to be positioned flush against a wall, this fridge can scoot right up against it, furthering its ability to blend in with furniture and living spaces, presenting itself as something closer to a bar cart than a kitchen appliance.

Constructed with a powder-coated steel frame in a range of colors (love that yellow), with walls 3x thicker than anything else on the market, and equipped with the same compressor as the highly rated Sub-Zero, The Super Smart Fridge is engineered to operate efficiently and quietly within living spaces, and covered by a 10-year warranty.

The interior is not just one volume, but divided with modular height shelving and reversible racks, with isolated temperature zones to keep specific drinks at optimal temperatures.

Rocco’s designers/engineers also added one additional surprise technological feature connecting the fridge to your phone: the inclusion of an internal camera system they call Sight System. Like other larger premium brand refrigerators, the system allows users to peep inside their fridge to see whether the home bar needs to be restocked.

The compatible app also controls temperature adjustments, offers the ability to change the brightness of the refrigerator’s lights, and lock or unlock the fridge from those who shouldn’t be snooping around your selection. OTA software updates are also planned to expand the features further after launch.

The Super Smart Fridge can store wine, but is also able to take the temps down to keep drinks like beer, radlers, seltzers, and other drinks at their optimal quenching temperature.

The Rocco Super Smart Fridge is available online for an early-bird price of $1,195 before retailing for $1,500.

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