Smudge Tool + Modernist Spirit Incense = Perfect Match

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Industrial in design, Massproduction’s Smudge Tool is about as far from a stereotypical ski-shaped wooden incense holder as you can get. Made using folded steel sheet metal – with the unexpected addition of a wingnut – Smudge Tool feels raw, yet polished. Pair the yellow galvanized accessory with Eyes of My Mind’s custom Modern Spirit incense which interprets the brand’s mindset of ”the only way out is in” via scent for the full experience the collaboration intends to create.

Founded in 2020 by Axel Boman, Nicole Palacio, and Robin Ekemark, Eyes of My Mind launched with a Spiritual Stashbox. Loaded with items for spiritual exploration, it includes tools like sage, incense, and beeswax candles. When the time came to expand, they approached Massproductions’ Designer-in-Chief Chris Martin with the idea of creating an incense holder.

”An incense holder is always on display; it must look good but can be a modern industrial object that enhances one’s desire for incense,” said Martin. “Smudge Tool is an very functional incense holder, with a finish reminiscent of a psychedelic rainbow.”

Magnus Elebäck, CEO of Massproductions, describes the scent of Modernist Spirit as “an abstract idea, unrelated to olfactory delight – to bridge that divide is to unlock the experience. What is the scent of modernism? Here’s your answer.”

A match made in “not too hippy” heaven!

Smudge Tool and Modern Spirit incense are both currently available at

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