SNICKERS® Launched Brand New Bar Featuring Low GI Dark Chocolate Cereal in Mono Material Flexible Packaging

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GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In December 2023, Mars China announced another significant step towards sustainable packaging with the launch of its SNICKERS® bar featuring dark chocolate cereal. This innovative new product not only offers a low-sugar [1] and low-glycemic index (GI) [2] option but also features individual packaging made from a mono PP material [3], adhering to the concept of “Designed For Recycling” [4], can be easily recycled in designated channels [5]. The SNICKERS® low GI dark chocolate cereal bar is now available in selected outlets [6], providing consumers with a lightweight [7] and delicious product, while its packaging is easily recyclable, contributing to a healthier tomorrow for our planet.

[SNICKERS® Launched Brand New Bar Featuring Dark Chocolate Cereal in Mono Material Flexible Packaging]

Mono-Material Packaging

A More Sustainable Choice

Flexible packaging, known for its lightweight, flexibility, resistance to moisture and humidity, is widely used in the food industry such as instant noodles, biscuits, and snack packaging materials. Typically, flexible packaging consists of multiple layers of different materials, meeting food safety requirements while being lightweight and flexible. However, its complex structure and materials make it challenging for recycling. In contrast, mono-material flexible packaging refers to a single plastic component, such as single polypropylene (PP) or single polyethylene (PE) material, making it easier to recycle, thus reducing the potential impact on our planet. The SNICKERS® dark chocolate cereal bar features individual packaging made from recyclable mono-polypropylene material, aligning with the principle of “Designed For Recycling”, and meeting relevant Chinese standards. Moreover, Mars China has implemented more detailed internal validation and quality standards to ensure the SNICKERS® packaging materials meet food safety requirements for product protection.

In addition, the outer packaging box of the SNICKERS® new bar uses paper material certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), reducing the reliance on plastic, and supporting sustainable forest management. The packaging design not only upholds Mars’ commitment to driving sustainable packaging iteration but also embodies the company’s vision of creating a sustainable tomorrow where no packaging becomes waste.

Designed for Recycling

Can be Recycled in Designated Channels

As a purpose-led company, Mars has invested a lot of effort in reimagining and redesigning its packaging, making it recyclable, reusable, and compostable to prevent it from becoming waste. Furthermore, Mars China actively advocates and promotes the establishment of a circular economy closed-loop system in China.

Addressing the current challenges in the plastic flexible packaging collection and recycling, Mars China has partnered with the Green Recycled Plastic Supply Chain Joint Working Group (GRPG), China Plastic Recycling Association of China National Resources Recycling Association (CRPA), P&G, PepsiCo, and Dow to initiate the “Flexible Plastics Reborn” project. This joint effort aims to unite forces throughout the industry and explore a sustainable flexible plastic packaging collection and recycling closed-loop system in China, addressing design, collection, and recycling challenges. The mono-material flexible packaging of the new SNICKERS® dark chocolate cereal bar is specifically designed by the recycling requirements of the ” Flexible Plastics Reborn” project. SNICKERS® is committed to promoting easy collecting, easy recycling packaging within the industry through its sustainable packaging practices and seeking support from consumers. Consumers can collect and drop the mono flexible package after use, like that of SNICKERS® new bar, at designated collection points covered by the “Flexible Plastics Reborn” project, thereby assisting in packaging recycling and taking action to prevent packaging becoming waste.

Sustainability and Lightweight 

Meet Consumers’ Demands for New Snacks

Beyond featuring sustainable packaging, the new SNICKERS® low GI dark chocolate cereal bar is a lightweight and delicious snack. Developed through a collaboration between Mars and the China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries (CNIF) in China, the new formula incorporates zero-sugar pure cocoa butter dark chocolate [8] and includes high-quality ingredients like imported Turkish hazelnut spread, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and black sesame, aiming to provide consumers with a tasty treat while maintaining nutritional balance. Each 30g pack not only boasts a low GI value (≈40) [9] and low GL value (≈4) [10] but is also rich in dietary fiber [11] and prebiotics [12], presenting a new snack option that is low in sugar and low GI.

The initial release of the SNICKERS® new low GI bar in designated channels not only fulfills Mars’ commitment to offering consumers more H&W and delicious snacks choices but also building a healthier planet and sustainable tomorrow for our next generation through continuous efforts on packaging sustainability and circular economy development.

[1] According to the “GB 28050-201 General Principles for Nutritional Labeling of Prepackaged Foods”, low sugar means the sugar content is less than 5g/100g. The sugar content of this product is 4.8g per 100g.

[2] Low GI/low glycemic index, according to the food GI classification in the “Method for Determination of Food Glycemic Index” (WS/T 652-2019), GI ≤ 55 is a low GI food.

[3] The Individual pack is made from mono PP material, easy to recycle.

[4] Source: Relevant information on the “Flexible Plastics Reborn” project.

[5] The recycling scope is covered by the ” Flexible Plastics Reborn” project.

[6] Available on Douyin and Tmall Snickers official flagship stores and some Hema stores

[7] Compared with SNICKERS® Peanut Chocolate Bar (51g pack), the weight of each pack of products is reduced by about 41%, and the energy is reduced by about 45%; Derived from internal data of the company

[8] Sourced from third-party testing data/internal data.

[9] 、[10] Test method basis: WS/T 652-2019 ” Method for Determination of Food Glycemic Index” and ISO26642:2010 “Food products Determination of the glycemic index (GI) and recommendation for food classification”.

[11] According to the “GB 28050-201 General Principles for Nutritional Labeling of Prepackaged Foods”, high dietary fiber content is greater than or equal to 6g/100g per 100g. The dietary fiber content of this product per 100g is 12.9g.

[12] The product contains approximately 1.6 grams of prebiotics (inulin) per pack, and the consumption of inulin is ≤ 15 grams per day.

About Mars Wrigley 

Mars Wrigley is the world’s leading snack food manufacturer and distributor. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Mars Wrigley employs over 34,000 Associates across nearly 70 countries to advance its Purpose of “Inspire Moments of Everyday Happiness” by producing and distributing chocolate, chewing gum, mints, and fruity confections.

Mars Wrigley offers a rich portfolio of the world’s best-loved brands such as DOVE®, SNICKER®, M&M’S®, CRISPY®, DOUBLEMINT®, EXTRA®, 5, TATA®, PIM POM®, SUGUS®, SKITTLES® and MALTESERS®, which bring happiness to more than 180 countries and regions every day.

As Mars China’s largest business segment, Mars Wrigley is continuously introducing innovative products to cater to Chinese consumers’ increasing demands. Moreover, Mars Wrigley is also embracing a multi-channel approach to offer Chinese families a more convenient and optimized shopping experience as well as healthier and diversified products.


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