Soda Oval and Square tables by Yiannis Ghikas for Miniforms

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Dezeen Showroom: Greek designer Yiannis Ghikas and Italian furniture brand Miniforms have released two new versions of the Soda glass coffee table called Oval and Square.

As the names suggest, Soda Oval has an elongated circular tabletop while Soda Square has a square-shaped top softened by rounded corners.

Tables can be used separately or in groups to create larger surfaces

Similarly to the original Soda table, Oval and Square are hand-blown from Murano glass and are made in Venice, Italy.

Oval is supported by two thick, tubular legs merged into one sturdy base, while Square has four cylindrical legs blended into a central column.

Glassy surfaces create interesting interplays with light

The two new shapes are available in both original amber and petrol colours as well as newly released amethyst and blue.

Miniforms recommends Soda tables of all styles for use both individually and in clusters of multiple pieces to create dynamic compositions.

Products: Soda Oval and Soda Square
Designer: Yiannis Ghikas
Brand: Miniforms

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