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Dezeen Showroom: Spanish tile brand Undefasa has released the Solid+ high-performance tile range, which has stone-like surfaces that glint as if flecked with crystal deposits.

The Solid+ tiles are made with what Undefasa describes as an advanced shaping technology that gives the porcelain stoneware a higher density than usual and makes it highly durable and wear-resistant.

The Solid+ tiles come in two styles including Nordby

The product features a flecked design that runs right through the tiles so that their appearance isn’t altered by scratches or scuffs.

“The blend of next-generation ceramic materials which are used means these tiles are highly resistant to wear and tear, allowing their beauty to remain unchanged over time,” said Undefasa marketing director Ania Gil.

Both Lavica and Nordby are stone-like surfaces with flakes embedded in them

The Solid+ tiles are available in two styles – Nordby, which comes in five neutral colours, and Lavic, which comes in three. They are completed with Undefasa’s anti-slip matt finish and are available in a choice of square or rectangular formats of up to 60 by 120 centimetres.

Undefasa is part of Tile of Spain, an association of over 100 tile manufacturers.

Product: Solid+
Brand: Undefasa

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