Specializing in ‘Type for Illustrations,’ Jamie Clarke Joins Type Network

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Bringing you something a little different this week!

I recently read an excellent interview with UK-based independent lettering artist and type designer Jamie Clarke (part of an announcement that Jamie Clarke Type has joined Type Network). Lucas Czarnecki, Type Network’s director of content, chatted with Clarke about his practice and why illustration is central to his typographic work.

(Left) Jamie Clarke; (Right) Ornamented G for residential project in Adelaide, Australia © Jamie Clarke Type

Span © Jamie Clarke Type

Span on Folio Society’s 70th anniversary cover of Casino Royale © Jamie Clarke Type

Before starting Jamie Clarke Type, Clarke co-owned and ran a web and digital design agency in London from 2003 to 2013. Creative burnout left him looking for his next chapter and he turned to his love of typography. In the ensuing decade, Clarke has produced a host of interesting typefaces, including Brim, Rig Shaded, Span, and SideNote (the latter sparked by his desire for “business casual” annotations).

Brim Narrow, © Jamie Clarke Type

Brim Narrow, © Jamie Clarke Type

Learn what it was like to work with Folio Society on a limited edition cover for the 70th anniversary of Casino Royale and why he’s itching to do some work for a wine or spirits brand. Read the full interview on Type Network.

Rig Shaded on Vero Aperitivo packaging © Jamie Clarke Type

SideNote, © Jamie Clarke Type

Launched in 2016, Type Network partners with type designers around the world (45 foundries from 15 countries so far) to “provide their clients with the best type in the world.” Czarnecki plans more in depth interviews in the coming weeks. Typophiles can find more stories (and fonts by Jamie Clarke Type) at typenetwork.com.

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