Spectacular Landscape-Winning Photos From The Garden Photographer Of The Year

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‘The Lone Tree’ by Andrea Graham

The International Garden Photographer of the Year competition, which honors gifted photographers with a stunning showcase of the beauty of the natural world through their lenses, captivates audiences worldwide each year.

The landscape category is unique among the many others because it honors the breathtaking views and natural marvels that can be found in gardens and landscapes all over the world. Here is a collection of some of the most beautiful landscape images that won in the most recent competition.

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‘Springtime Blossoms’ by Mara Leite

‘The Three Sisters of Glencoe’ by Adam Burton

‘Halkidiki Heaven’ by Lloyd Lane

‘Kuang Si Falls’ by Brendan Kiernan

‘Breath of the Forest’ by Zsolt Varanka

‘Vikos Gorge’ by Lloyd Lane

‘Vestrahorn Sunset’ by Gianluca Gianferrari

‘Head in the Clouds’ by Edyta Rice

‘Mist on the Heather’ by Kieran Metcalfe

‘Sunrise on the Towy’ by Mike Richards

‘Morning Glory’ by Adam Burton

‘The Caves of Kesh’ by Todor Tilev

‘Fire & Ice’ by Drew Buckley

‘In a Forest of Gold’ by Honey J Walker ARPS

‘Baobab Road’ by John Seager

‘In the Autumn Forest’ by Piotr Grochala

‘On Golden Pond’ by Mike Richards

‘Highlight of My Day’ by Edyta Rice

‘Survivor’ by Henrik Spranz


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