Spectacular Wildlife Winning Photos From The RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2023

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Overall Winner: “Not Guilty” by Jamie Smart, 8

View the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards 2023 through the eyes of up-and-coming wildlife photographers. View a carefully chosen collection of prize-winning submissions that expertly capture the spirit and beauty of the natural world as perceived by the upcoming generation of photographers.

These striking photos present a fresh viewpoint on the wonders of wildlife and demonstrate the enthusiasm and inventiveness of young photographers who are connecting with and appreciating the diversity of the flora and fauna on our planet.

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16-18 Winner: “Honourable Exception” by James Pearson, 17

Small World Winner: “Self Reflection” by Beau Healy, 14

Under-12 Mobile Winner: “Weaving Spider” by Flynn Thaitanunde-Lobb, 9

Under-12 Winner: “Guardian of the Galaxies” by Hope Whittaker, 11

12-15 Mobile Phone Winner: “Jelly Land” by Corbyn Thomas, 12

16-18 Mobile Winner: “Watch your Feet” by Anna MacDonald, 17

Small World Runner-up: “Sun Jumping Spider” by Joshua Garbutt, 17

Pet Personalities Runner-up: “Companions for life” by Thomas Rikkerink, 17

Portfolio Runner-up by Sophie Green, 17

Pet Portraits Runner-up: “My Cat – Murray” by Conor Smith, 17

12-15 Mobile Phone Runner-up: “Dancing Flame” by Ellie Ching Tsang, 15

Pet Portraits Winner: “Curious George” by Jamie Smart, 8

Under-12 Commended: “Green-eyed flower bee in flight” by Jack Brackley, 11

Under-12 Commended: “Head under water” by Jamie Smart, 8

12-15 Years Winner: “Golden Glow” by Alex George, 15

Under-12 Commended: “Spring Treasures” by Jamie Smart, 8

12-15 Years Runner-Up: “Common Basilisk” by Thomas Easterbrook, 8

12-15 Years Commended: “My Way” by Vanessa Lau, 15

16-18 Years Runner-Up: “Backlit Badger” by Chris Wardell, 17


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