Spectacular Winning Images Of The HONOR Magic Moments Mobile Photography Awards 2023

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Photographer of The Year Award: The Magic of Been by Nelomh

Presenting the mesmerizing winners of the Honor Magic Moments Mobile Photography Awards 2023. We revel in the beauty of countless fleeting instants, finding magic in each. Thanks to science and technology, we’re able to cherish these ephemeral moments. From awe-inspiring events to subtle backlit images, we document the invaluable essence of every second.

This award aspires to transcend the confines of visual storytelling with pioneering technology, fostering a worldwide community centered around mobile photography expertise and lens artistry. It seeks to ignite the creative spark in the general public and emerging filmmakers, molding influential cultural voices through distinct aesthetics and vast hands-on experience. By supporting creators in their artistic journey, we aim to unveil the next wave of top-tier creative minds via our rewarding system.

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Separated by a Wall by Anlee

Colorful Dream by Beishan Huangtu

Hovering in the Air by Peng Changhai

Bromo in Cloud by Wukong Chen

Overlook by Shi Ren

Fiery Heart by Juan Yijin

Moving Shadows by Rosario Curia

The Family by Guo Jiangtao

On The Way by Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo

Shadow by Walk with A Snail

Last Animal by Huang Liyong

Vivid Visions by Aug Chan Thar

Let’s Swing Together by Lin Haibo

Purple Eden by Jimmy He

Old Sheepherder and His Sheep by China Er Ni

In a Hurry by Rimo

Stitch by Liu Xuenian

Fishing by Zhi Bai

Way by Zhang Jin

Protection by Yu Xiaosong

Diving by Chang Jiang

Two Bay Horses by Huashe 1970

En suspension by Lesnox

Trestle by Jing Guan Zhong Miao Miao

Far Away by Tayip Basak

Decoration by DGmai

Dancing Elf by Li Jun

Cherishing Earth’s Gifts by Muhd Fuad

The Earth’s Nature by KL Chong

A flock of sheep by MinChitKoKo

Afternoon Delight by JaMmi

Circle of Life by Ma Yuhan(Martin)

The Elephants by Lin Shengxin

Boys in the Sun by Fan Liyong

Little Owl by Kyaw Kyaw Winn

A Lonely Boat Far Away by Haize’s Pink Garden

Vagary in Red by Ao Zhuowen

Color-changing Glasses by Xizhilang

Happy moment by Aung San Oo


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