Spectacular Winning Photos From The Underwater Photographer Of The Year 2024

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Underwater Photographer of the year: ‘Whale bones’ by Alex Dawson (Sweden)

View the stunning photos from the competition for Underwater Photographer of the Year 2024! We are incredibly grateful to all of the amazing photographers who entered this year, as there was an extraordinary volume of entries and beautiful photos. The collection is an eloquent testimony to the extraordinary diversity found in this specialized field of underwater photography.

Our winning photographers come from all over the world, and their captivating underwater scenes are captured in their photos. Innovation and creativity abound in the world of underwater photography due to technological and exploratory advances. Come enjoy each and every amazing photo with us.

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Up & Coming Underwater Photographer of the Year: ‘Window of Opportunity’ by Lisa Stengel (United States)

Marine Conservation Photographer of the Year: ‘Saving Goliath’ by Nuno Sá (Portugal)

British Underwater Photographer of the Year: ‘Star Attraction’ by Jenny Stock (United Kingdom)

Most Promising British Underwater Photographer: ‘Midnight raver’ by Sandra Stalker (United Kingdom)

Wide Angle – Runner Up: ‘Wild and Free’ by Remuna Beca ( United States)

Wide Angle – Third: ‘Twilight smile’ by Rodolphe Guignard (France)

Macro – Winner: ‘An abstract portrait of a Potbelly Seahorse’ by Talia Greis (Australia)

Macro – Runner Up: ‘Lonesome drifter’ by Dennis Corpuz (Philippines)

Macro – Third: ‘Double Pygmy’ by Byron Conory (Iceland)

Wrecks – Winner: ‘Chieftain Tanks’ by Martin Broen (United States)

Wrecks – Runner Up: ‘Illuminating the Past’ by Becky Kagan Schott (United States)

Wrecks – Third: ‘Set sail’ by Fabi Fregonesi (Brazil)

Behaviour – Winner: ‘The End Of The Baitball’ by Rafael Fernandez Caballero (Spain)

Behaviour – Runner Up: ‘Mouth To Mouth’ by JingGong Zhang (China)

Behaviour – Third: ‘A tiger shark feeds on a humpbackwhale carcass’ by Brooke Pyke (Australia)

Portrait – Winner: ‘Grey Whale Connection’ by Rafael Fernandez Caballero (Spain)

Portrait – Runner Up: ‘Attack from Above’ by Jon Anderson (United States)

Portrait – Third: ‘Aquatic Primate’ by Suliman Alatiqi (Kuwait)

Black & White – Winner: ‘Water Dancers’ by Jasmine Skye Smith (Australia)

Black & White – Runner Up: ‘Two Great White Sharks cruising over seagrass beds’ by Matty Smith (Australia)

Black & White – Third: ‘Tursiop dolphins at the surface of Mayotte lagoon’ by Serge Melesan (France)

Compact – Winner: ‘Nudi on Fire’ by Enrico Somogyi (Germany)

Compact – Runner Up: ‘Octopus Attack’ by Enrico Somogyi (Germany)

Compact – Third: ‘Bottlenose dolphin swimming in the lagoon’ by Ilaria Mariagiulia Rizzuto (Italy)

Up & Coming – Runner Up: ‘Encircled’ by Sarah O’Gorman (Egypt)

Up & Coming – Third: ‘Lion’s Lair’ by Bryan H. Blauvelt (United States)

Wide Angle – Highly Commended: ‘March of the Tadpoles’ by Shane Gross (Canada)

Wide Angle – Highly Commended: ‘Sunset on the skin’ by Isaias Cruz (Spain)

Macro – Highly Commended: ‘Red sea’ by Ben Oakes (United Kingdom

Wrecks – Highly Commended: ‘Takeoff’ by Christian Horras (Germany)

Wrecks – Highly Commended: ‘Lockheed TriStar L-1011’ by Alvaro Herrero (Mekan) (Spain)

Behaviour – Highly Commended: ‘Carp Love’ by Lorincz Ferenc Lorinc (Hungary)

Behaviour – Commended: ‘The Bait’ by Manuel Castellanos Raboso (United States)

Portrait – Highly Commended: ‘Zombie’ by Matthew Perez (United States)

Portrait – Highly Commended: ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ by Nicholas More (United Kingdom)

Portrait – Commended: ‘Open Wide’ by Filippo Borghi (Italy)

Compact – Commended: ‘Subass in the Sun’ by Enrico Somogyi (Germany)

Compact – Highly Commended: ‘School of juvenile parrot fish’ by Ilaria Mariagiulia Rizzuto (Italy)

Compact – Highly Commended: ‘Circle of life’ by Andrea Michelutti (Italy)


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