Spectacular Winning Photos Of The International Garden Photographer Of The Year 2023

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Black & White: 1st Place – “Spider in the Frame” by Minghui Yuan

Feast your eyes on the stunning winning images from the 2023 International Garden Photographer of the Year competition. This esteemed event continues to shine in the photography industry, particularly in the fields of garden, plant, flower, and botanical photography.

The competition, managed by Mirror Plate Media Ltd., is highly respected worldwide and enjoys the full support of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London. The main exhibition is traditionally held annually at Kew, and is supplemented by a series of traveling exhibitions throughout the UK and various parts of the globe.

The exceptional winners of this year were revealed in five categories: Black & White, Macro Art, Square Crop, Still Life, and the much-anticipated Special Award BBG Flora in Focus. Immerse yourself in the remarkable images captured by these gifted photographers.

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Black & White: 2nd Place – “Bindweed” by Norman RaineNorman Raine

Black & White: 3rd Place – “Barn Owl” by Alan Price

Black & White: Finalist – “Starstruck Love” by Elizabeth Fiddy

Black & White: Finalist – “Isolated” by John Seager

Black & White: Finalist – “Detour” by Bernadette Benz

Black & White: Finalist – “Dancing Tulip” by Marlene Finlayson

Macro Art: 1st Place – “Dandelion and Pink Spider” by Peter Plottel

Macro Art: 2nd Place – “Meeting Up” by Diana Chan

Macro Art: 3rd Place – “Blue Bonanza” by Daniel Callejo Rossi

Macro Art: Finalist – “Clouded Yellow” by Tony North

Macro Art: Finalist – “Droplets on Slime Moul” by Barry Webb

Macro Art: Finalist – “Wasp Spider in Pink” by Erik Nevels

Macro Art: Finalist – “Aurora” by Henrik Spranz

Square Crop: 1st Place – “Blue-tailed Damselfly” by Tony North

Square Crop: 2nd Place – “Curious Corellas” by Peter Plottel

Square Crop: 3rd Place – “Meadow Sunset” by Laura Drury

Square Crop: Finalist – “Rob the Builder” by Kevin Sawford

Square Crop: Finalist – “Dance of the Acer Leaf” by Jane Simmonds

Square Crop: Finalist – “A Last Seed” by Rachele Z. Cecchini

Square Crop: Finalist – “Ode to a Leaf” by Jane Simmonds

Still Life: 1st Place – “The Vegetable Kitchen” by Cristina Wanjura

Still Life: 2nd Place – “Ranunculus and Ice Cream” by Virginia Beare

Still Life: 3rd Place – “Pink Cherry Blossoms” by Angi Wallace

Still Life: Finalist – “Vintage Pears” by Denis O’ Reilly

Still Life: Finalist – “The Choir of the Birds-of-Paradise” by Cristina Wanjura

Still Life: Finalist – “The Fruit Buffet” by Cristina Wanjura

Still Life: Finalist – “The Luminaries Garden” by Denise Bernon

Special Awards: 1st Place – “Coiled, Ready for Spring” by Brian Lee

Special Awards: 2nd Place – “Sundew” by Chris Mills

Special Awards: 3rd Place – “Light in the Tall Grasses” by Simon Lea

Special Awards: Finalist – “Grape Hyacinth” by Chris Mills

Special Awards: Finalist – “Autumn Acer” by Jon Benham

Special Awards: Finalist – “The Round Window” by Simon Lea

Special Awards: Finalist – “Who is Looking at Who?” by Gina Byfield


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