Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Nature Conservancy Awards 2023

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Grand Prize Winner: “Between The Stars” by Tibor Litauszki, Hungary

The Nature Conservancy has announced the winners of its annual photography contest, an international event that consistently draws some of the world’s most talented nature and wildlife photographers. This year’s victors have once again demonstrated exceptional skill and imagination.

The prestigious grand prize was won by Tibor Litauszki, a photographer from Hungary. His captivating underwater image of an Alpine Newt surrounded by a group of frog eggs earned him the top spot. The Nature Conservancy commended Litauszki’s work for its flawless composition, overall visual appeal, and the significant challenge involved in taking the photo. To create this remarkable image, Litauszki used a range of artistic and technical methods, including underwater housing, remote triggering, and inventive lighting.

Litauszki’s extraordinary piece was selected as the best among winners from 12 unique categories: Aerials, Birds, Climate, Freshwater, Insects & Arachnids, Lands, Mammals, Oceans, People & Nature, Plants & Fungi, Reptiles & Amphibians, and Underwater Life. Each category had its own impressive winners, and their breathtaking images are displayed below.

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Celebrity Judge Choice: “Dawn’s Whispers” by Hermis Haridas, United Arab Emirates

Aerials: First Place – “Living Inside The Yellow Fields” by Agnieszka Wieczorek, Poland

Aerials: Second Place – “Magadi Airshow” by Neelutpaul Barua, India

Aerials: Third Place – “Black and White” by Derek Robertson, United States

Birds: First Place – “Busy Builder” by Grzegorz Długosz​, Poland

Birds: Second Place – “Peek-A-Boo” by Mike Krehbiel, United States

Birds: Third Place – “Golondrinas” by Juan Jose Murillo​, Colombia

Climate: First Place – “Stranded” by Raphael Alves, Brazil

Climate: Second Place – “Farmland” by Mustafa Binol, Turkey

Climate: Third Place – “Our Saviors” by Luisa Lynch Harris, Spain

Freshwater: First Place – “Dry Fish Pond” by Jeanny Tang, Hong Kong

Freshwater: “A Cool Drink” by Second Place – Alan Taylor​, United States

Freshwater: “O PÉ DE GARÇAS” by Third Place – Rubens Rebouças, Brazil

Insects & Arachnids: First Place – “Wolf Spider Mama” by Benjamin Salb, United States

Insects & Arachnids: “Galaxies At My Feet” by Second Place – Soumya Ranjan Bhattacharyya​, India

Insects & Arachnids: “Love Follows” by Third Place – 雷 波 / Lei Bo, China

Lands: First Place – “Sound And Vision” by Alessandro Carboni​, Italy

Lands: Second Place – “Cotopaxi Volcano From The Antisana Glaciers” by Roberto Valdez​, Ecuador

Lands: Third Place – “Fruits Of Labor” by Adam Mowery, United States

Mammals: First Place – “Wolf Trinity” by Siddhartha Ghosh​, India

Mammals: Second Place – “Morning Attack” by HJ Yang, United States

Mammals: Third Place – “Shaking Off” by Luisa Pericoli, United States

Oceans: First Place – “The Rangiroa Gang” by Estebane Rezkallah, France

Oceans: Second Place – “Ocean Guard Sea Tribe” by Bambang Wirawan, Indonesia

Oceans: Third Place – “Rough Sea 12” by Giovanni Allievi, Italy

People & Nature: First Place – “Wildbeest Breakfast Balloon Safari” by Michael Hegyi, United States

People & Nature: Second Place – “Walking Over Wildlife” by Mano Aliczki, Hungary

People & Nature: Third Place – “Startled” by Randall Hudson, United States

Plants & Fungi: First Place – “SER*ES – LUNÁTICO” by Jose Pereyra Lucena​, Argentina

Plants & Fungi: Second Place – “Lost In Snow Waves” by Vittorio Ricci, Italy

Plants & Fungi: Third Place – “Ghost Mushrooms” by Ashley Sykes, Australia

Reptiles & Amphibians: First Place – “Alien Portrait” by Irina Petrova Adamatzky​, United Kingdom

Reptiles & Amphibians: Second Place – “Hourglass Frog” by Petr Bambousek, Czech Republic

Reptiles & Amphibians: Third Place – “Scarlet Kingsnake” by Joseph Mullica, United States

Underwater Life: First Place – “Phantoms Adrift” by Russell Laman, United States

Underwater Life: Second Place – “Snowy Night” by Cai Jialing, China

Underwater Life: Third Place – “Parting The Tide” by Daniel Nicholson, Australia

People & Nature: Honorable Mention – “Fighter Jets” by Narayan Malu, India

Birds: Honorable Mention – “Sandhill Crane Mama Feeding Colts” by Mario Labado​, United States


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