Stone collection surfaces by Autex Acoustics

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Dezeen Showroom: acoustic solutions brand Autex Acoustics was informed by the appearance of natural stone when designing its range of sound-dampening products.

Distinctive stone profiles are referenced in the Stone collection‘s eight finishes, including travertine and various types of neutral and coloured marbles.

The surfaces can be specified for use on both walls and ceilings

“Our Stone collection features a diverse range of colours and grains that represent stones popular in modern interior design,” said Autex Acoustics.

“These stone finishes were selected for their timeless and refined look, providing a sleek aesthetic without compromising on acoustics.”

Eight surface patterns are available in the collection

Autex Acoustic’s products provide a lighter, more flexible and affordable alternative to conventional acoustic panelling, according to the brand.

The panels can be custom-made to specified sizes to allow for bespoke applications.

Product: Stone collection surfaces
Brand: Autex Acoustics

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