Stunning Winning Photos Of The Nature’s Best Photography International Awards 2023

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Grand Prize Winner: “The Volcano in the Clouds, Iceland” by Luis Manuel Vilariño

Behold the mesmerizing victors of the Nature’s Best Photography (NBP) International Awards 2023. Devotees of nature journey across the globe, using their camera lenses to seize the planet’s breathtaking beauty in all its diversity.

Through their frames, they present scenes that leave us in awe, riveting encounters with wildlife, and unique vistas of Earth’s grand mountains and mysterious oceanic depths. Their captivating imagery encourages us to bond with, value, and safeguard our planet’s natural marvels.

To honor these ardent champions of visual tales and to acknowledge the profound impact they’ve made from the dawn of photography, the idea behind Nature’s Best Photography came into existence in 1995.

This year’s Grand Prize accolade goes to Spanish Photographer Luis Manuel Vilariño for his masterful shot, “The Volcano in the Clouds,” taken during the Geldigadalir Eruption in Reykjanes, Iceland. Meanwhile, the title of Youth Photographer was awarded to German Photographer Meline Ellwanger for her striking image, “Polar Bear,” captured in the renowned Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

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Youth Photographer Of The Year: Polar Bear, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada by Meline Ellwanger

Wildlife: Winner – “Three White Rhinoceros, Kenya” by Hector D. Astorga

Wildlife: Highly Honored – “Roe Deer, Wiltshire, England” by Andy Rouse

Wildlife: Highly Honored – “Brown Bear and Salmon, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, USA” by Daniel D’Auria

Wildlife: Highly Honored – “Red Fox, Sierra de Cardeñ National Park, Montoro, Spain” by Yonatan Stern

Birds: Winner – “Mute Swans, Derbyshire, UK” by Andy Parkinson

Birds: Highly Honored – “Juvenile Great Gray Owl, Idaho, USA” by Brian Barton

Birds: Highly Honored – “Purple-Crested Turacos, Lower Mpushini Valley Conservancy, South Africa” by Richard Flack

Ocean Views: Winner – “Wave, North Shore, Oahu, Hawai‘i, USA” by Danny Sepkowski

Ocean Views: Highly Honored – “Sardine Ball, Magdalena Bay, Baja California, Mexico” by Amos Nachoum

Ocean Views: Highly Honored – “Humpback Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins, Kihei, Hawai‘i, USA” by Raja Iliya

Ocean Views: Highly Honored – “Green Sea Turtle, Tahiti, French Polynesia” by Tobias Friedrich

Art In Nature: Winner – “Green Basilisk, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica” by Petr Bambousek

Art In Nature: Highly Honored – “Icicles, Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota, USA” by Dominique Braud

Art In Nature: Highly Honored – “Reef Squid, Near Tulamben, Bali” by Tobias Friedrich

Art In Nature: Highly Honored – “Leopard in Camelthorn Tree, Savuti, Botswana” by Wim van den Heever

Animal Antics: Winner – “Burrowing Owlet, Salton Sea Desert, California, USA” by Shane Keena

Animal Antics: Highly Honored – “Alaskan Brown Bears, Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA” by Amit Eshel

Animal Antics: Highly Honored – “Polar Bear Wave, Barter Island, Beaufort Sea, Alaska, USA” by Jennifer R. Bellon

Animal Antics: Highly Honored – “African Savanna Elephant” by Staffan Widstrand

Animal Antics: Highly Honored – “Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk and Giant Ground Gecko” by Willie van Schalkwyk

Landscapes: Winner – “Superstition Mountains Sunrise, Sonoran Desert, Arizona, USA” by Peter Coskun

Landscapes: Highly Honored – “Factory Butte, Hanksville, Utah, USA” by Michael Zheng

Landscapes: Highly Honored – “Kiangs at Sunset, Qinghai, China” by Shengfu Jiao

Landscapes: Highly Honored – “Star Trails over Baobab, Pafuri Area, Northern South Africa” by Wim van den Heever

Polar Passion: Winner – “Polar Bear and Cubs, Wapusk National Park, Canada” by Hung Tsui

Polar Passion: Highly Honored – “Bald Eagle and Ice Waterfall, Peterson Bay, Alaska, USA” by Clemens Vanderwerf

Polar Passion: Highly Honored – “Emperor Penguins in Three Stages, Gould Bay, Antarctica” by Joshua Holko

Polar Passion: Highly Honored – “Diamond Beach, Iceland” by Luis Vilariño

Polar Passion: Highly Honored – “Musk Ox, Dovrefjell–Sunndalsfjella National Park, Norway” by Victor Soares

Outdoor Adventure: Winner – “On Edge, Vatnajökull, Southern Iceland” by Virgil Reglioni

Outdoor Adventure: Highly Honored – “Shooting the Gap, Stephens Gap Cave, Jackson County, Alabama, USA” by David Morring

Outdoor Adventure: Highly Honored – “Snorkeling with Sperm Whales, East Coast, Sri Lanka” by Paul Goldstein

Outdoor Adventure: Highly Honored – “Surfer, Pipeline, Oahu, Hawai‘i, USA” by Danny Sepkowski

Conservation Story: Winner – “Iberian Lynx, IUCN Redlist Status: Endangered, Castile-La Mancha, Spain” by Amit Eshel

Conservation Story: Highly Honored – “Project Puffin, Eastern Egg Rock, Maine, USA” by Derrick Z. Jackson

Conservation Story: Highly Honored – “Ice Bears, Yukon, Canada” by Peter Mather

Youth: Highly Honored – “Spotted Owlets, Hubli, Karnataka, India” by Anirudh Kamakeri

Youth: Highly Honored – “Weaver Ants, Home Garden, Dalupotha, Negombo, Sri Lanka” by Sudith Rodrigo


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