Survey reveals significant awareness of green initiatives in the security industry

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HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hikvision and have recently conducted a collaborative survey, researching market sentiment towards green practices and technologies within the security industry. The survey gathered valuable insights about the importance of sustainability, and how it influences respondents’ businesses and purchasing decisions.

Survey reveals significant awareness of green initiatives in the security industry

Considerable familiarity with green practices

Survey results revealed a large majority of respondents (88%) – from both Western and Asian regions – expressed familiarity with this topic, indicating a strong awareness of its importance within the security industry. However, discrepancies were noted in levels of understanding and implementation. A total of 61% from the Western sector indicated they understood or had implemented green practices in their businesses, compared with 55% of Asian respondents.

Increasing demand for green security products and solutions

The survey exhibits that there is demand for green security products and solutions in both Western and Asian markets. However, there is more consistent demand seen among Western respondents and potential growth opportunities in Asia.

The survey results indicate that Western respondents see a stronger demand for eco-friendly products and solutions, with 11% reporting consistent and 33% reporting frequent requests from clients. The numbers were lower for Asian respondents with 10% and 12% respectively. However, a notable 39% of Asian channel players noted occasional requests which can suggest a growing interest in sustainable solutions.

Challenges in adopting green practices within the security industry

An estimated 18% of survey respondents indicated that a significant obstacle right now is that the adoption of green and low carbon practices has not been yet recognized as essential in the security industry. High costs and uncertainty of ROI is also stated as another primary challenge. Other issues such as a “lack of public awareness” and “absence of standardization & certifications” were chosen by 17% of respondents as primary obstacles. These insights point to opportunities for market education, aiming to simplify decision-making for channel players while transparently showcasing the achievable ROI and practical benefits.

The future of sustainable practices within the security industry

When inquired about the adoption of green and low carbon practices in the coming years, the overall responses convey a positive outlook, with only 4.7% expressing that sustainability would still not be a priority for the security industry.

The majority of survey participants (22.9%) anticipate that manufacturers will be able to attract a broader customer base and stand out in the market by clearly demonstrating their eco-conscious features, branding and certifications. They also expected to anticipate and prepare for stricter government regulations in the near future (22.6%).

Another 22.6% indicated that technology advancements will make greener products less expensive, making them more accessible to a wider audience. This would potentially create a self-reinforcing cycle: Accessible pricing encourages more users to use eco-friendly products, resulting in increased energy and cost savings, thus perpetuating the cycle of sustainability and business benefits.

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