Tadao Ando’s MPavilion captured by Rory Gardiner in Melbourne

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Following its unveiling in Australia last week, photographer Rory Gardiner has captured this year’s MPavilion, which was designed by Pritzker Architecture Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando.

Defined by Ando‘s signature use of exposed concrete, it is the 10th edition of the MPavilion that is installed each year in Melbourne.

Rory Gardiner has photographed this year’s MPavilion

Gardiner‘s photos capture the geometric design of the structure, which is enclosed by two concrete walls, as well as some of the first people to engage with it in Queen Victoria Gardens.

The pavilion’s giant disc-shaped roof, which is supported by a large concrete column and clad in aluminium, can also be seen.

The structure was designed by Tadao Ando

This year’s MPavilion was designed by Ando to offer a space to reflect on the surrounding gardens.

It is the Japanese architect’s first-ever project in Australia.

It is defined by Ando’s signature use of concrete

“The design for the MPavilion began with a desire to find a scene of eternity within an oasis of Melbourne, the Queen Victoria Gardens,” said Ando when it was revealed last week.

“To reflect the lively nature of the site, like a blank canvas, I imagined an architecture of emptiness.”


Tadao Ando unveils MPavilion based on “pure geometry”

The building’s plan is formed of two offset squares, which give rise to two entrances on opposite sides. Half of the interior is paved, while the other side is occupied by a reflecting pool.

Its walls are punctured by two 17-metre-long slits, cut out to visually connect the pavilion to the park and skyline.

A reflective pool occupies half of the interior

“Pure geometry outlines the composition of this design,” added Ando. “Ancient Egyptians used fundamental geometry to create ordered spaces and structures in the natural world.”

“Geometry formed the foundation of philosophical study in ancient Greece. It is the expression of human reason and the pursuit of ethereal space,” he continued.

It is partly sheltered by a disc-shaped canopy

The pavilion will now be used for the MPavilion’s five-month-long events series.

Last year’s MPavilion was a bright orange fabric structure designed by Bangkok-based studio All(zone). Previous editions have been designed by architects including OMA and Amanda Levete.

MPavilion takes place from 16 November to 28 March 2024. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.

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