Taiwan Employment Gold Card: Why Taiwan is a great choice for digital professionals

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TAIPEI, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan is renowned not only for its convenience and breathtaking landscapes but also as an irresistible choice for digital talents seeking not just career opportunities but also an exquisite quality of life. According to the annual survey by “InterNations” website, Taiwan ranks among the top locations for expatriates to live in.

Ministry of Digital Affairs

Taiwan: Embracing Global Digital Professionals

“We have always been actively assisting international talents in obtaining the Taiwan Gold Card to work or start businesses in Taiwan,” said Betty Hu, the Deputy Director General of Administration for Digital Industries, Taiwan Ministry of Digital Affairs (moda). “In Taiwan, professionals in digital industries can immerse themselves in an established high-tech industry to accelerate their career development; and they can also stimulate local tech companies and communities, encouraging them to build connections with global professionals regularly.”

In 2022, Taiwan established the Ministry of Digital Affairs and invited world-renowned tech expert Audrey Tang as Minister to directly participate in government decision-making. To recruit international digital talents and accelerate the progress of domestic, industrial, and social digital transformation, the moda then formulated and promulgated the Gold Card in Digital field on May 2023.

Taiwan Employment Gold Card: Warm welcome to global professionals

Taiwan Gold Card integrates four important services: a more flexible work permit, a residence visa valid for up to three years, eligibility for national health insurance, and income tax reduction. Holders of the Taiwan Employment Gold Card can enter and exit Taiwan at will and work remotely from any city around the world, offering greater flexibility.

The Taiwan Gold Card for the Digital Field uses a diverse set of evaluation criteria, focusing on an individual’s achievements and qualifications in the digital field, such as academics, projects, certifications, or patents. This shift enables a more comprehensive assessment and offers applicants greater flexibility, allowing them to work for a company or start their own business upon arrival in Taiwan.

Taiwan: Ideal for Digital Industry Development

Image Credits: Ministry of Digital Affairs

Taiwan is one of the best locations for cybersecurity teams to demonstrate their capabilities,”said Betty Hu. “Taiwan’s openness and democracy create a highly welcoming environment for digital professionals.”

“Not just in cybersecurity and blockchain; Taiwan also has a high demand for people working in FIDO, autonomous driving and quantum computing.” Betty Hu stated. Both enterprises (like Google, Microsoft, AWS, IBM and Meta) and startups (like Appier and Gogolook) have been able to find successful business models in Taiwan.

Balancing Work and Life: Achieving Harmony in Taiwan

Taiwan is more than just a friendly society but also ranks among the top nations globally in terms of quality of life, healthcare accessibility, freedom of speech, marriage equality, and government efficiency.

And that has attracted numerous open-source communities and global tech leaders, such as Steve Chen, co-founder of YouTube, and Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, to become Taiwan Employment Gold Card holders.

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