Take 5: Henri’s Red, Embroidery Art, 34 Basketball Hoops, + More

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1. Neng Iren

Presenting, your newest Instagram follow (if you don’t follow her already). Neng Iren is an artist based in Tangerang, Indonesia who does really incredible embroidery work. I’m such a fan of this piece which I could look at all day for all of the intricate details in each outfit. Her latest works are also just as detailed and wildly creative.

2. Fridays From The Garden by Flamingo Estate

One of the best investments I ever made for my mental health was starting my backyard garden. What began as a ploy to get my kids to eat more greens that they grew themselves became a full-fledge love affair, the re-connection to nature that I didn’t know I needed. Richard Christiansen’s cookbook taps into that ethos – the garden as a source of inspiration, energy, and pleasure – and instantly became a favorite on my cookbook shelf. The 150+ recipes are all crafted by the local chefs that Christiansen tapped on to accompany the bountiful weekly CSA boxes that Flamingo Estate has become known for. Each one has been so beautifully photographed that it’s like your nose is triggered by your eyes; you can almost imagine the sensational smells wafting from each page. If you’re still looking for a gift this season, I’d highly suggest this cookbook – but don’t be surprised if you decide to keep it for yourself instead.

3. HOOPS by CJ Hendry

HOOPS, there it is! (I really couldn’t let that opportunity go by, could I?) I am a perpetual fan of CJ Hendry’s hyperrealistic drawings but her latest public installation has me excited to see her foray into this area of design. The public art resides in Miami and features a 20-foot column branching out into 34 net-less basketball hoops, reminiscent of a chandelier hanging from the sky. While some installations are fragile and warrant a “see with your eyes, not your hands” warning, this one is sound and sturdy, ready for a (very amusing) round of HORSE. If you’re not a fan… well, there’s a reel for you, too.

4. “Space is e_Turtle” by FriendsWithYou

Have we recovered from Art Basel in Miami yet? I’m still catching up with all the art that was unveiled! One of the most memorable ones  was this sculptural painting which nostalgically brought me back to my Lisa Frank days. 3D printed in resin with acrylic paint, the artists share that “’Space is e_Turtle’ is a deity & living temple representing one of the main tenants of Ocean that time is not linear and past, present, and future are all occurring simultaneously. The sculptural painting exposes a cross section of the sacred turtle that acts as a portal to a living temple where idols and artifacts are displayed dancing a ritual through an altar like environment.”

5. East Fork Launches  Henri’s Red

When I first moved into our home, one of the first things I did was upgrade my IKEA dishware to East Fork ceramics. To this day, it still brings me daily joy. While I chose my set in a safe neutral (Eggshell), I’ve been wanting to add more color into my table settings and East Fork’s newest color, Henri’s Red, is perfectly fitting for the holiday season. The punchy red was inspired by founder Alex Matisse’s great grandfather, Henri Matisse, and is a limited seasonal color, so don’t miss out!

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