TCL Reveals Details of the Powerhouse Behind its Superior Mini LED Technology

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A behind the scenes look at the TCL PG(Pangu) Lab, an industry-leading Pangu Laboratory, demonstrating its unique capacity to generate technological breakthroughs

HONG KONG, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TCL Electronics (1070.HK), a leading consumer electronics brand and the world’s top two TV brands, reveals a closer look at exemplary Pangu Laboratory – the powerhouse of TCL R&D, the world’s first wholly independent Mini LED testing and research facility which drives the innovation behind TCL’s cutting-edge QD-Mini LED flagship products.

The market demand for Mini LED is growing exponentially, as consumers appreciate the technology’s ability to effectively decrease costs while maintaining the highest quality visual experience. In this regard, the technological advantage of TCL’s PG Lab plays a crucial role in continuously breaking the boundaries of display technology in order to bring consumers more cutting-edge innovation in 2024 and beyond.

The Industry’s First Full Service Mini LED Processing Laboratory

The Pangu Lab covering an area of 1,600 square meters, is the world’s first facility to provide fully end-to-end Mini LED processing. Comprised of multiple project R&D laboratories, including an optoelectronic materials lab, optoelectronic devices lab, simulation design lab, and quantum dot lab, Pangu is able to offer the unrivalled equipment, testing and research capabilities which make TCL the leader in the field of Mini LED.

Through highly skilled functions such as data analysis, quality inspection, testing lines, processing centers, and machine and reliability verification labs TCL’s R&D team are able to ensure the feasibility and reliability of transitioning technology into mass production. As a result, TCL’s has full mastery of every step of Mini LED production, which allows the brand to produce products which consistently attain industry-leading standards in performance and quality.

Pushing Boundaries to Deliver the Next Generation of Mini LED

The driving force behind this major investment into the development of Mini LED technology is TCL’s steadfast belief in the power of Mini LED to transcend the current boundaries of light and colour and create realities that have never before existed on screen. The research efforts at Pangu Lab have enhanced the capabilities of Mini LEDs in terms of brightness, uniformity, and light-emitting area. It has also innovatively created more light control zones, ensuring superior image quality while reducing overall costs.

Pushing Local Dimming technology to its limits, Pangu Lab has successfully created smaller and smaller zones for more precise light source control allowing for greater peak brightness, and extreme contrast. This has resulted in never seen before enhancements in consumer TV sets such as the TCL X955 which launched earlier this year, the world’s first ‘double 5000’ TV with 5,000 backlight partitions that can achieve 5,000nits peak brightness.

Another integral component to outstanding picture quality, is vivid and realistic colour expression. The integration of quantum dot technology with Mini LED backlight technology is another key research focus of Pangu Lab and is largely to thank for the high colour gamut performance of TCL’s current QD-Mini LED TVs.

Conscious that advanced picture quality usually comes at an inaccessible price point, the team at Pangu Lab set about finding ways to achieve optimal results in a cost-effective way. Developing a new silicone microlens solution, combined with high-voltage processor technology, the team effectively balanced performance and cost, ensuring the best experience could be made available for more customers.

TCL’s success in the field of Mini LED to date can be attributed to three core factors. Firstly, leveraging high-grade panel production lines to create super-sized panels of 75-inch, 85-inch, 98-inch, and 115-inch models, without compromising on detail thanks to its second core strength – full process Mini LED capabilities. Through the development of comprehensive image quality solutions, including quantum dot technology, image quality algorithms, signal processing, TCL is able to generate a high-quality product technology advantage. Lastly, the Pangu Lab’s efforts in LED design and packaging, along with resources from upstream large panel production lines, contribute to a high value-for-money cost advantage, making cutting-edge display technology accessible to all.

As we step into a new year, TCL will continue to apply its strengths to the development of even more cutting-edge display solutions, to ensure the most immersive visual experience for its millions of customers around the globe in 2024.


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