TelePIX Unveils TetraPLEX: A Breakthrough High-Performance AI Processor for Satellites

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SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TelePIX, a pioneering space startup based in South Korea, has achieved a groundbreaking feat: the development of TetraPLEX, a high-performance AI processor designed specifically for satellites. Boasting an impressive 10 trillion operations per second of processing capability, TetraPLEX marks a monumental leap forward in satellite technology.

TelePIX’s On-Board Processor(OBP), TetraPLEX

Functioning as an on-board processor (OBP), TetraPLEX facilitates in-space AI processing and edge computing, revolutionizing the way satellite data is handled. Developed in collaboration with NVIDIA, TetraPLEX enables efficient, on-the-spot data analysis directly within the satellite, dramatically reducing both the time and cost associated with traditional ground-based processing. TelePIX leverages the powerful and power-efficient AI processing capabilities of the NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX system-on-module in a compact form factor to enhance TetraPLEX’s capabilities. As a member of NVIDIA Inception, TelePIX has received extensive support and training on the latest NVIDIA technologies, enhancing TetraPLEX’s capabilities even further.

TetraPLEX will be a game-changer for real-time analysis of large datasets in space, particularly for tasks like greenhouse gas monitoring. It paves the way for the “Spaceborne ESG AI Cloud Edge Computing Solution,” a pioneering cloud-based AI platform for satellites created by TelePIX.

“By enhancing satellite data processing with TetraPLEX, we aim to propel the entire satellite data service industry forward and significantly contribute to climate change response,” states Dongshik Won, Director at TelePIX. “This technology positions us to enter the global market with cutting-edge data analytics services focused on climate science.”

TelePIX is set to launch TetraPLEX in June, aiming to be the first company globally to demonstrate the real-time, high-speed parallel processing of satellite big data AI models. This demonstration will focus on blue carbon monitoring in space, highlighting the crucial role of marine ecosystems, including seaweed and mangroves, in carbon absorption efficiency and storage.

Furthermore, TelePIX plans to introduce South Korea’s first Spaceborne AI Cloud platform service, enabling the processing of software or algorithms in space using the AWS Ground Station (ground station service of Amazon Web Services) and AI/machine learning (ML) services. This service will provide the fast and flexible edge computing capabilities of the OBP TetraPLEX for various applications, including combating climate change through greenhouse gas monitoring.

About TelePIX

TelePIX, a member of Global Digital Innovation Network (formerly known as Born2Global Centre), is making big waves in the small satellite scene. Founded in 2019, the company is quickly emerging as a leader in nanosatellite development and satellite imagery data analytics solutions, democratizing access to space and its valuable data. Their advanced technologies unlock a universe of possibilities, from Earth observation and big data analysis to on-orbit AI.

Witness the next frontier of space exploration with TelePIX’s upcoming launch this June, as the New Space revolution takes flight.


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