Ten industrial design projects by students at Hongik University

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Dezeen School Shows: a dog-shaped robot dedicated to promoting exercise in space stations is included in Dezeen’s latest school show by students at Hongik University.

Also included is a weather-data interface in response to climate change and a virtual reality investment education platform for Gen A.

Hongik University

Institution: Hongik University
Course: BA Industrial Design
Tutors: Kang Hyun Lee, Jun Hyuck Eoh, Tate Eunyoung Kim, Jooyun Kim, Sook Yeon Kim and Kange Lee

School statement:

“Hongik University, established in the first year after Korean independence, has played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of Korea’s development.

“The institution has been dedicated to cultivating creative and pragmatic professionals essential to societal needs, contributing significantly to the nation’s present stature.

“This unwavering commitment to our core objective has propelled Hongik University to international prominence, portraying it as a symbol embodying the fusion of industry and art, uniquely representing Korea on the global stage.

“Within this esteemed institution, the industrial design department consistently aspires to be at the forefront of design innovation, especially within the dynamic landscape of contemporary industries.

“The 2023 degree show of the industrial design department is themed ‘DESIGN•A’, accentuating the concept of ‘sublime aura.’ Through a diverse array of projects, the showcase provides profound insights into the promising future of product, spatial, mobility and interaction design.

“This thematic exploration aligns with our dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and anticipating the evolving landscape of design disciplines.”

Pochak by HyunA Yoo and Jemin Park

“Pochak (捕捉, capture) is a platform that allows individuals to collect weather data by capturing natural phenomena.

“In a future with worsening climate change, Pochak goes beyond conventional centralised weather data collection by allowing individuals to collect weather data themselves.

“By capturing natural phenomena that precede weather changes with sensor products and an interface, Pochak enables more detailed and hyper-local weather forecasts.”

Students: HyunA Yoo and Jemin Park
Tutor: Kang Hyun Lee
Emails: hyun208[at]icloud.com and jemin9852[at]gmail.com

Mobin by Sangmin Han

“We live in a variety of environments and are composed of a variety of tales. In modern society, it is becoming difficult to share honest and warm conversations.

“Mobin is a mobility interior concept where the stories are woven and tale-tellers weave their life tales.

“Inside the warm cabin-like interior, users focus on the conversation and remember the conversation longer through the interaction of the device.”

Student: Sangmin Han
Tutor: Jun Hyuck Eoh
Email: hanzzang37[at]gmail.com

Laika by Jihee Kim

“In 2040, as the majority of people routinely wear augmented reality (AR) glasses, Laika stands as a dog-shaped robot dedicated to exercise and health management within space stations.

“This robot delivers notifications and information through a 3D user interface via AR glasses and monitors astronauts’ exercise and health status in real-time.

“Aiming to provide a comfortable health management experience in space akin to Earth, Laika offers personalised exercise recommendations and feedback.

“In emergencies, it ensures user safety. With these features, Laika has established itself as the ideal partner for health management in space.”

Student: Jihee Kim
Tutor: Tate Eunyoung Kim
Email: wmfdldi98[at]gmail.com

Xor by Geonhoo Son

“Xor is a data brand that sells data usable in all virtual spaces amid the decentralisation of data. However, what sets Xor apart from other brands is that when you purchase data, the same product is delivered in reality, with entirely different usability and scale.

“Buyers encounter a more surreal reality, observing data that functions differently in the virtual space, reinforcing Xor’s brand concept that ‘virtual is real.’

“Through this intriguing marketing, Xor guides users to immerse themselves further in virtual spaces, allowing them to experience virtual reality as the true reality with Xor.”

Student: Geonhoo Son
Tutor: Kang Hyun Lee
Email: kaidenson98[at]gmail.com

Out of Three Box by Wookjun Kwon

“Out of Three Box is the mobility that is challenging sedan stereotypes.

“Usually, the word box is used as a stereotype. On the other side, ‘out of box’ is often used to break away from stereotypes.

“The biggest feature of the sedan is that the cabin space is very private. Inside a sedan all seats are forward-looking so there is differential privateness.

“In self-driving cars, I thought each passenger’s view could be respected and equal privacy could be provided.”

Student: Wookjun Kwon
Tutor: Jun Hyuck Eoh
Email: kwonukjun[at]gmail.com

Bvest by Bogyeong Yoon and Seoyeon Yoon

“Bvest is a VR-based investment education metaverse for Gen A, born in the early 2010s or later.

“In the creator module, users can craft business strategies based on market understanding. Business items could be sold through IR, generating income that can be used in the investor module.

“In the investor module, users can directly invest in companies created by other users, receive feedback and experience realistic investment simulations that adapt to fluctuating interest rates and market trends, mirroring real-world conditions.”

Student: Bogyeong Yoon and Seoyeon Yoon
Tutor: Sook Yeon Kim and Kange Lee
Email: luvboopo[at]naver.com and moominyoon[at]naver.com

Tripee by Jaehoon Park, Jeonggeon Lee and Jihyun Lee

“Tripee is an XR metaverse trip plan platform that strives to connect the excitement of travel from the planning stage to the actual journey.

“Users can collect various travel information while experiencing the metaverse and upload this information from both metaverse and their mobile devices to edit trip plans.

“With intuitive interactions, users can share collected information such as landmarks, food, accommodation and activity, then create an optimised route based on the finalised information.

“Once the plan is completed, they can enjoy their trip by accessing it on their mobile device and check essential details about their trip plan.”

Students: Jaehoon Park, Jeonggeon Lee and Jihyun Lee
Tutors: Sook Yeon Kim and Kange Lee
Emails: lapaelp[at]gmail.com, jgxxnlee[at]gmail.com and zoy.jihyunlee[at]gmail.com

Cheems by Gunn Namgoong and Jongwon Lee

“Cheems is a modular console that uses generative AI to enable players to create games.

“It responds to the rising trend of players wanting to shape their own gaming experiences, inspired by the intuitive and engaging nature of music production tools that encourage hands-on creativity and personal input.

“Players can instinctively craft assets, characters and worlds, offering a personalised and limitless gaming adventure that reflects their own creativity and boundless imagination.”

Students: Gunn Namgoong, Jongwon Lee
Tutor: Tate Eunyoung Kim
Emails: ghun2938[at]gmail.com and pookoo98[at]gmail.com

Space_out by Narin Kim and Hayoon Lim

“Space_out is a place where you can escape from the overwhelming flow of information, break free from anxiety and reconnect with your primal senses.

“It’s a space where you can comfortably put down your phone, focus on yourself and find relaxation.

“By naturally awakening the body’s senses and providing a moment of rest, Space_out encourages concentration on your inner self, resonating with external sensations and offers a digital detox experience.”

Students: Narin Kim and Hayoon Lim
Tutor: Joo Yun Kim
Emails: narin8055[at]gmail.com and thelimha[at]naver.com

Swell by Seunghyun Jeong and Minseo Kim

“Swell is a showroom of Heliot Emil, a future-oriented streetwear brand. The spatial concept is ‘sensory slowdown caused by digital dopamine and a break away from it.’

“We compare insensitive current situations to abnormally swollen blisters and define warnings about these situations as acts of physical stimulation.

“This stimulus can be interpreted as the brand’s future desire. Through a space mixed with bursting tension and sharp stimuli,
we send Heliot Emil’s boldness and progressive message to spatial art.”

Student: Seunghyun Jeong, Minseo Kim
Tutor: Joo Yun Kim
Email: tmtltktlal12[at]gmail.com and yuit0025[at]naver.com

Partnership content

This school show is a partnership between Dezeen and Hongik University. Find out more about Dezeen partnership content here.

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