Thai Premium Rum Brand “RUANG KHAO SIAM SAPPHIRE” Makes Global Debut; A Fusion of East Meet West

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BANGKOK, Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ThaiBev Marketing Company Limited proudly introduces “RUANG KHAO SIAM SAPPHIRE” — a culmination of extensive experience in rum production spanning several decades and ingenuity.


This remarkable creation faithfully preserves the original recipe dating back to its inception in 1786. “RUANG KHAO SIAM SAPPHIRE,” a historic rum crafted with the knowledge of both hemispheres, brings a unique flavor and rich aroma to the global market, offering an unprecedented experience.

ThaiBev Marketing Company Limited, a leading spirits marketing company, is confident that its ‘Premiumization’ strategy will act as a catalyst for the successful global entry of RUANG KHAO SIAM SAPPHIRE. This unique rum epitomizes the harmonious integration of age-old traditional production methods and artistic influences, seamlessly merging the best of Western and Eastern traditions.

Crafted with premium raw materials, especially the great quality sugarcane sourced from Thailand, ensures exceptional quality from planting to harvest. Thailand’s hot and humid climate provides the ideal conditions for cultivating sugarcane, a key ingredient in the production process. Utilizing a meticulous distillation process in our copper pot stills, the sugarcane transforms into a delightful flavor profile. 

Subsequently, the resulting product is carefully aged in oak casks, imparting a rich, full-bodied, and aromatic flavor. The taste profile of this remarkable rum resembles a precious gem from the heart of Thailand. 

RUANG KHAO SIAM SAPPHIRE is now available for your sampling pleasure at all Duty Free King Power branches.


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