The 2023 SingNow Annual Ceremony officially kicks off

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HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From December 5, 2023 to January 13, 2024, SingNow Annual Ceremony-“Fighting for Songs” event has been officially launched. In order to celebrate the annual ceremony, SingNow launched a series of activities such as “Fighting for Songs”, “Starlight”  “Amusement Park”, “Starlight Awards”, “Fantasy Circle” etc. to reward all the users

Since its establishment 7 years ago, SingNow has always adhered to the concept of “creating dreams for the new generation and building a music social platform”. SingNow focuses on users and continues to innovate to bring better entertainment and social experience to more young generation. Therefore, SingNow specially invited singers Minh Vương M4U and Thương Võ to serve as the star captains of this annual event “2023 SingNow Annual Ceremony – Fighting for Songs”.

Not only that, in order to make the “2023 SingNow Annual Ceremony – Fighting for Songs” competition more professional and fair, SingNow specially invited three outstanding singers and music teachers: Đặng Tuấn Phương, Đức Thịnh and Phạm Hương Giang to serve as a judge for this event. With the addition of these three judges, the “SingNow Annual Ceremony – Battle for Songs” competition will be even more exciting. SingNow also hopes that this event can provide young people with opportunities to showcase their talents.

Users participating in the event can not only exchange and learn music knowledge with each other, but also have the opportunity to receive opinions and guidance from professional teachers. There are even super prizes waiting for them to claim.

Prizes include: the champion will receive a cash reward of VND 15,000,000, the second place will receive a cash reward of VND 8,000,000, and the third place will receive a cash reward of VND 4,000,000. This award not only recognizes the contestants’ singing talent, but also affirms their achievements in the activity.

SingNow has had a challenging journey over the past seven years. It has gradually become the most popular karaoke social app in Vietnam.

In recent years, SingNow officially announced Hòa Minzy as the brand spokesperson and hold large-scale events such as the 2022 Campus Singer Competition, the 2023 Campus Ambassador Event, and the SingNow Super Star Cluster. SingNow hopes to bring users a more interesting karaoke social experience, and also hopes to help more users who like singing realize their music dreams.

In the future, SingNow will carry out more music cooperation and bring more excellent music songs to everyone. Thanks all of users’ support and companionship to SingNow.


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