The 41st Geumsan World Ginseng Festival: Geumsan was decleared to be the Ginseng Capital of the World

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GEUMSAN, South Korea, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On October 6th, Geumsan County Governor Park Beom-in declared Geumsan the ‘World Ginseng Capital’ at the opening ceremony of the 41st Geumsan World Ginseng Festival.

World Ginseng Capital Geumsan Declaration

Sky Gift Geumsan ginseng is a representative luxury product of Korea that has gained a global reputation as an elixir for mankind for 1,500 years.

On July 4, 2018, Geumsan Traditional Ginseng Agriculture was the only ginseng in the world to be listed as a World Important Agricultural Heritage by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Moreover, Geumsan-gun is leading the development of the ginseng industry in areas such as cultivation, processing, distribution, and cultural events.

Geumsan, the “hometown of life” that protects and nurtures our health with the best ginseng, has now declared itself the ginseng capital of the world and will lead the sustainable development of the ginseng industry as follows.

Ginseng are grown with excellent efficacy and safety and develops excellent and diverse products to promote health and beauty. Establish a desirable ginseng distribution system for both producers and consumers. Develop cutting-edge science and technology that can support the growth of the ginseng industry. Widely spread the precious value of ginseng: an important global asset of humanity. Lead international exchange and cooperation for the expansion and development of the global ginseng industry.

In addition, on June 21, Geumsan Ginseng and Herb Development Agency and Voluntary Agency Network of Korea, signed a business agreement to are conducting a campaign to change the English name of ginseng from “Ginseng” to “Insam.”



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