The AquaIntelli Bathtub Soaks in Your Habits Using AI

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Designer Yeong-Kyu Yoo’s work shared under the moniker of Cloud and Co is populated with examples of elegantly sculpted objects, each exhibiting an inviting softness expressed through gentle curves. Whether designing a memory stick, a lamp, or humidifier, there’s also the evidence Yoo wants to tempt our desires toward the tactile. Which all makes the designer’s signature style befitting of the design of a bathtub, as Yoo has imagined for his AI-enhanced AquaIntelli bathtub.

Softly sculpted around its edges inviting bathers to sink neck deep into water, the AquaIntelli is a jet spa tub with an additional technological card up its sleeve, delivering a personalized jet water massage that becomes more immersive and relaxing as the tub’s AI-enhanced system learns to focus its efforts onto preferences specific to its daily user(s).

A flush mounted push button control activates or deactivates the tub’s spa features with obvious simplicity.

Beyond its jet massage acumen, AquaIntelli’s AI is imagined to automatically adjust temperature, water levels, and the jet intensity to the bather’s preferred specifications.

A waterproof digital display dial-button knob borrows from a digital + physical interface that any Nest thermostat user would quickly acclimate to. In addition to physical controls, Yoo has equipped the AquaIntelli with an app equivalent, giving the user the option to draw a bath even before setting a foot within the bathroom.

As all of this AI-enhanced technology seems fascinating, it’s really Yoo’s attention to form serving its function toward relaxation that has us hoping the AquaIntelli concept sees the light of day as a real world option.

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