The Braun + Paul Smith Watches Are Worthy of Dieter Ram’s Approval

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German aesthetics meets Swiss craftsmanship in this exciting collaboration between Braun and Paul Smith with the limited edition release of the Braun + Paul Smith BN0279 Watches. For the first time ever, a Braun watch has been made in Switzerland, pairing an ETA 2892A2 Swiss movement with a featured striped second hand in Paul Smith’s signature colors. The quintessential Braun aesthetic – minimal, uncluttered, clean – is apparent in the absence of numbers (except for the date) and extra sub dials. A small Paul Smith logo commemorates the partnership. “Braun’s products are so beautiful that I’ve always been very sensitive of not wanting to hardly change anything. Just adding a bit of our twist,” Smith shares.

What you can’t see from the photos is that the watch feels substantial in hand and on the wrist. “I like things that feel grown-up and feel correct in your hands. I’ve never been keen on light knives and forks for the same reason,” British designer Paul Smith explained. The matte gunmetal stainless-steel case and black PU strap maintains the monochromatic look, a testament to Braun’s “less but better” philosophy since its first ever watch, the AW10, launched in 1989. Smith also shares a personal connection with the brand, having had Braun’s head of design Dieter Rams pay a visit. Dieter, an iconic minimalist designer who arguably paved the modernist era, visited Smith’s not-so-minimalist office and “didn’t die,” Smith jests. “That was, I think, quite an achievement.”

In addition to the all-black version with a 40mm Gun Metal Grey Stainless Steel case (above), there’s another version with a 40mm Stainless Steel case (below).

To shop the all-black version of the Braun + Paul Smith BN0279 watch or the Braun + Paul Smith Gents BN0279 stainless steel case watch, visit Each is limited to only 100 pieces.

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