The Captivating Winning Photos Of The Mangrove Photography Awards 2023

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Mangrove Photographer of the Year: The Finest “Flower” of the Mangroves by Soham Bhattacharyya

Announcing the captivating winners of the Mangrove Photography Awards 2023. Every year, photographers highlight the lives intertwined with mangrove forests and the challenges they face, urging immediate protective action.

This year saw over 2,000 entries from 72 countries, celebrating the beauty and significance of mangroves. Soham Bhattacharyya claimed the title of Mangrove Photographer of the Year with his striking image of a young tigress in the Sundarbans. Winners spanned six categories, including a fierce competition among young photographers under 24.

These images not only spotlight the diverse life within mangrove habitats but also emphasize their crucial importance and the dire need for their conservation.

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Landscapes: Winner – Emerging Roots by Cristiano Martins Xavier

Landscapes: Runner Up – Pink Mangrove Lagoon by Felipe Santander

Landscapes: Highly Commended – Between Ancient and Modern Lights by Aaron Ruy G. Musa

Landscapes: Highly Commended – Natural Design by Jorge Silva

Landscapes: Highly Commended – Dawn’s Serenade by Aaron Ruy G. Musa

Landscapes: Highly Commended – Surrounded by Nature by Shyjith Onden Cheriyath

Landscapes: Highly Commended – Courtship by Shane Gross

Wildlife: Winner – Hiding in Plain Sight by Chien Lee

Wildlife: Runner Up – Matin Nurse Sharks by Mark Ian Cook

Wildlife: Highly Commended – Gathering by Shyjith Onden Cheriyath

Wildlife: Highly Commended – The Water is on Fire by Vidyasagar Hariharan

Wildlife: Highly Commended – To Theft of Fish by Kaveesha Madhubhashana

Threats: Winner – The Theatre of Plastic by Emanuele Biggi

Threats: Runner Up – Cleaning up the Coastline by Gerdie Hutomo

Threats: Highly Commended – The Aftermath by Esteban Ernesto Dupinet Valencia

Threats: Highly Commended – A Former Mangrove Choked with Plastic Waste by James Whitlow Delano

Threats: Highly Commended – Wild & Free by Yordanis Mendez Segura

Threats: Highly Commended – Black Dawn by Mannepuri Srikanth

Threats: Highly Commended – The Window View – A Coexistence by Sreekumar Krishnan

Underwater: Winner – A Lemon’s Life by Anita Kainrath

Underwater: Runner Up – Forest Meets Reef by Brooke Pyke

Underwater: Highly Commended – Nursery by Shane Gross

Underwater: Highly Commended – Face to Face by Valentina Cucchiara

Underwater: Highly Commended – Attachment by Puttarat Horwang

Underwater: Highly Commended – Mangrove Heaven by Vinay Abraham Mathew

People: Winner – Sephora the Clam Diver by Kris Pannecoucke

People: Runner Up – In the Forest by Phan Thi Khanh

People: Highly Commended – Mwals by Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman

People: Highly Commended – Planting Mangroves Forest by Kim Cuong Nguyen Trang

People: Highly Commended – Leading Life by Zakir Hussain Chowdhury

People: Highly Commended – Hope by Sergio Izquierd

Conservatin Stories: Winner – The Blue Fig, Mohammad Rakibul Hasan

Conservatin Stories: Runner Up – Stewards of the Mangroves by Jason Florio

Young Mangrove Photographer of the Year: Eye Contact by Katanyou Wuttichaitanakorn


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