The Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP) organized the first ever Austronesian Forum of Female Opinion Leadership. 11 representatives from 9 member states and 200 attendees participated.

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NEW TAIPEI CITY, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 2023 Austronesian Forum of Female Opinion Leadership was held by the Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP) at Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) on November 26th for the first time. A total of 11 female representatives from 9 member states of Austronesian Forum were invited to the forum, and among which the Minister of Culture and Internal Affairs,Hon. Kitlang Kobua, from the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), attended in person to participate.     

With a series of topics, the forum discussed the issues of education , economic, public, and cultural day care policies of indigenous peoples with 200 participants. Via the forum, CIP sought to strengthen the global perspective of indigenous women, expanding their horizons and public influence as well as building a platform for exchanges between the indigenous peoples of Taiwan and Austronesian regions.

On the 27th, CIP will arrange a filed trip for foreign guests to visit Nanao Township in Yilan County. Besides interacting with the elderlies at the Cultural Day Care Center, CIP will also invite guests to Nasunnagu campgrounds to participate the sharing session of indigenous entrepreneurs and experience the cultural activities of the Dongyue community, which is a rare opportunity for foreign guests as well as the native local indigenous peoples.  

In addition, as a cabinet level agency that coordinates the affairs of indigenous peoples, CIP not only focuses on the formulation and promotion of policies for the overall development of Taiwanese indigenous peoples’ societies, but also seeks for international connections to expand diplomatic channel and to promote mutual development for indigenous people around the world. Therefore, the council has initiated “the Six-Year Plan for the Austronesian Forum” (2020–2025) since March 2019 to improve exchange and cooperation between the government sectors and non-governmental institutions in the Austronesian region.

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