The Daily Heller: A Ban on Banning Books

The second-year students in SVA’s MFA Design program are required to conceive, prototype, test and pitch an entrepreneurial product, campaign or other viable venture at the annual Venture presentation event. This year the overarching theme was “Open for Business,” and the work ran a wide gamut of projects covering themes of Advocacy, Empowerment, Sustainability, Collaboration and more.

Periodically, I feature student projects in this space. This is one of many that for its activism and advocacy demands a special call-out.

As Alexandra Mooney details her project: “‘Unbound’ is a platform for education and activism in the fight against the alarming increase of book bans in the United States. Its public awareness campaign and free advocacy resources aim to educate, engage and empower individuals to take action.”

The following images were created by Mooney for her pitch and presentation at Venture 23 on April 21.

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