The Daily Heller: Not Just Another Design Beauty Magazine

In anticipation of the holiday of giving, some of this week’s posts will be late gifting ideas. Here is Part I.

Plenty of magazines exist devoted to typography and design history—and many are beautiful, too. Tupigrafia from Brazil is not just a mere cornucopia of ephemera. But it does offer generous helpings of it.

As the art and design worlds embrace new forms, ephemerality is not the pejorative it once was. ForTupigrafia‘s creators, Claudia Rocha and Tony de Marco, it is much more: “It is a graphic and visual laboratory where they bend the conventions of editorial design.”If you have not had the good fortune to see a copy, a new eponymous anthology covering 2000–2020 offers a generous assortment of lushly pictorial articles of little-known Brazilian magazine and book designers. (Order a copy here from Luca Barcellona’s splendid Lazy Dog Press.)

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