The Daily Heller: Remembering Those Who Passed With Pathos and Wit

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Seeing Mark Ulriksen’s homage to those of renown who passed away in 2023 reminds us that each year, important, gifted and life-altering people vanish forever. About “Some We Lost,” Ulriksen writes, “I’ve always been a list maker and I’ve been documenting my life in many ways—I’ve collected major newspaper front pages since 1968 (my wife thinks I’m nuts), I’ve kept a journal since 1984, I organize my work week and note newsworthy events in my weekly calendar pages. You might say I’m a tad obsessed with my little slice of time here on Earth. So be it.”

He continues: “Last year I noticed that more than the usual share of notable people passed away. This past fall I started doing quick digital drawings of some of the major figures we lost. It was both a way to honor these accomplished folks but also a means to experiment with my iPad and draw quickly. Here are some of those remembrances.”

“I put people in categories (don’t we all): dark curtain is actors; blue graduated background is movers and shakers; red brick is musicians; orange stadium sky is athletes; green background is creatives …”

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