The Daily Heller: What Bugs Me About Apple’s Vision Pro

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Who doesn’t believe in “smart” products: I adore my desktop, laptop, iPad and I can search Google without much trouble (however, can someone help me get out of the Yahoo! default browser); I have an iPhone (in fact, two). However, I do not identify as a tech-geek. I don’t have an Apple watch or any other digital helpers and companions. Well, that’s not entirely true, I do have an Oculus gifted to me for the purpose of doing cardio but it rests unused in my closet next to a large lighting ring and retro-style digital microphone for Zoom calls.

To tell whole the truth I am a Luddite sheep posing as a techie wolf.

I may have gads of digital hardware, but I don’t really know how to use the stuff. Once I turn on most of the items heretofore listed, I’m out of my depth. With the Oculus I drowned. Which is why I was glad for the introduction to Apple’s Vision Pro headset, which promised me it was as easy to operate as snapping my thumb and forefinger. It is, in a way. By now all those reading must know that softly putting those two digits together and making a Tom Cruise-Minority Report-like motion in the air, makes the images move, application function and the digital magic envelop you in an illusionary world.

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