The East Asian Cultural Capital 2023 – The year of activities in Chengdu, China came to a successful conclusion

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CHENGDU, China, Dec. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On December 7, the closing ceremony of the 2023 East Asian Cultural Capital · Chengdu, China Year of Activities, and the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra’s popular concert came to an end at the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall. This event, themed “Let the World See Chengdu,” was organized by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, and Tourism, and hosted by Chengdu International Media Co., Ltd., Chengdu Foreign Cultural Exchange Center, and Chengdu Symphony Orchestra.

The Chengdu Symphony Orchestra performed wonderful performances for the guests at the closing ceremony

The East Asian Cultural Capital, as an important achievement in the field of cultural exchange for the leaders of China, Japan, and South Korea, is a concrete practice of the “Belt and Road” initiative. It is also a concrete measure to implement the spirit of the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference and build a community of human destiny, showing the world the good image of Chengdu as a city with international image, Chinese style, and Tianfu charm. Since the official launch of the “2023 East Asian Cultural Capital • Chengdu, China Year of Activities” in June this year, more than 100 unique events have been carried out one after another. Using Tianfu culture as a bridge, Chengdu continues to improve with other countries in the process of cultural exchanges and mutual appreciation between China, Japan, and South Korea Cultural and tourism exchanges allow people from all countries to meet and get to know each other, have mutual trust and respect, share harmony, thus showing the world Chengdu’s unique appeal.

In January 2022, Chengdu was elected as the “East Asian Cultural Capital” with the highest score for the year 2023, promising the world a beautiful agreement from Chengdu: carrying out various forms of cultural and tourism activities under the name “East Asian Cultural Capital” to showcase Chengdu’s history and culture, inherit and promote outstanding traditional Chinese culture on the world stage. Since this year, Chengdu has fulfilled its promises with diverse, international cultural tourism-themed activities.

Tianfu Parade and Korean City Scene Exhibition

During the “East Asian Cultural Capital” Chengdu, global culture was invited to Chengdu through several events to promote cultural cooperation between Chengdu and the “East Asian Cultural Capital” cities. From October 12 to 15, the Tianfu Grand Parade, one of the important cultural tourism events of the “2023 East Asian Cultural Capital · Chengdu Year of Activities”, was officially unveiled at the Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo Park and various branch venues.

At the same time, Tianfu culture also took advantage of the “East Asian Cultural Capital” and sailed to various cities of the “East Asian Cultural Capital” to promote Chengdu to the world. From September to November this year, the “2023 East Asian Cultural Capital · Chengdu, China Activity Year” Chengdu City Scene Exhibition, hosted by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, and Tourism, and organized by Chengdu International Media Co., Ltd., Chengdu Foreign Cultural Exchange Center, and other units and institutions, was held in Chengdu, China and Daegu, South Korea, with the theme of “A Park City Under the Snow Mountains, A Happy Chengdu in the Fireworks”.

The representative of the Chengdu Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Television, and Tourism said in the closing ceremony that since the opening of the “2023 East Asian Cultural Capital · Chengdu, China Year of Activities”, Chengdu has carried out a wide range of cultural exchange activities such as intangible heritage exchanges, literature and art, sporting events, tourism, food dissemination, creative design, and cultural tourism promotion under the theme of “Let the World See Chengdu”, fully demonstrating Chengdu’s unique cultural heritage and urban charm. The series of activities not only showcased Chengdu’s consciousness and responsibility to promote cultural innovation and development and enhance cultural soft power, but also enhanced the brand influence of the East Asian Cultural Capital through cultural exchanges and mutual learning across time and space to personalize people.

Since this year, “walk around the streets of Chengdu” has been trending on social media, and the flow of inbound and outbound passengers at Chengdu Aviation Port has been continuously increasing. As of October 31, the entry and exit checkpoint in Chengdu had inspected more than 2.18 million entry/exit personnel, an increase of 570% over the previous year and 36% in the same period in 2019. Chengdu’s urban charm continues to attract tourists from all over the world. Chengdu, known as the “Land of Abundance,” is becoming a popular tourist destination in the world.


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