The Heart of This Warehouse Office Is Community

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While some companies boast about community being the center of their business, Tustin, California-based Tricon Residential is physically built for it. Designed by Shubin Donaldson Architects, the new office embodies Tricon’s people-first approach with a biophilic courtyard meant for collaboration situated right in the center of the 66,000-square-foot tilt-up warehouse. Surrounding this space are other featured areas that help create a sense of community similar to the Tricon business.

Various seating reminiscent of smoothed river rocks provides space for impromptu collaboration and meetings. A mix of trees and plans support the biophilic environment, a space where getting fresh air is synonymous with having a casual hangout with your coworkers.

Surrounding the heart of the office are distinct “neighborhoods” that span the various departments of the company. Glass walls provide transparency while also letting in the abundance of natural light that streams in from the ceiling.

Other featured areas that support the community aspect of the office include a tiered seating zone for communal presentations, conference rooms, a cozy cafe, and a spacious kitchenette with access to an outdoor patio.

Illuminated by LED polycarbonate panels, the Tricon Innovation Lab serves as a showcase of the company’s cutting-edge technology.

Photography by Benny Chan.

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