The Last of Crust! A Bakery Made an Incredible, Terrifying the ‘Last of Us’ Clicker Sculpture Out of Bread

In San Francisco, a local bakery has demonstrated its extraordinary talent by creating a bread sculpture depicting a Last of Us Clicker, one of the series’ infamous mushroom-infested zombies. The resulting creation is nothing short of terrifying.

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The life-size Clicker sculpture, affectionately dubbed “The Last of Crust,” is the brainchild of One House Bakery, a charming mother-daughter business. In an interview with Eater San Francisco, owners Catherine and Hannalee Pervan shared their deep admiration for HBO’s TV series The Last of Us, which inspired them to venture into the world of sculpting this formidable adversary for the 16th annual Downtown Benicia Main Street Scarecrow Contest.

You may be wondering how such a large sculpture could be made out of bread, and how much time such a culinary endeavor would take. The team at One House Bakery spent more than 400 hours creating the Clicker statue. So how did they accomplish this remarkable feat? It turns out that the process involved wrapping a collection of balloons in a thin layer of dough, followed by baking to capture the eerie and fungal appearance characteristic of the infected zombies.

Interestingly, this isn’t the bakery’s first foray into creating pop culture-inspired bread sculptures. Last year, they stunned everyone with a Star Wars-themed masterpiece called “Pan Solo,” which depicted Han Solo encased in carbonite. This extraordinary creation secured second place at the 2022 event, solidifying One House Bakery’s reputation as a true artisan bakery that transforms dough into captivating works of art.

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