The Lola Chair Is Full of Unexpected Personality

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A big spirit and loads of personality can add a lot to interiors, and the Lola Chair, by Scandinavian Spaces, is ready and able to do just that – with comfort in tow. The guest and dining chair, designed by Margot Barolo, is now part of the brand’s collection of contract furnishings. In fact, she’s already been honored with a 2023 Best of Year Award from Interior Design Magazine, a MetropolisLikes Award from Metropolis Magazine, and a HiP Award at NeoCon. So, what else is Lola all about?

“Lola is a chair that wants to be your friend. Comfortable, fun, and reliable. Lola’s strong personality is the exclamation mark that will add character to any room and contribute to a great atmosphere,” Barolo says. “It’s a chair that’s easy to sit on, but how you sit on it is up to you – and sometimes the most important thing is that someone is there to support you.” It’s even named after one of Barolo’s close relatives who inspired the design. Elements of casual and cool are presented in the upholstered folds and articulation of joints.

The Lola Chair came to be when Barolo took part in an experimental collaborative project she founded, The Kinship Method. Along with four other designers, the group explored creative methods that step away from the norms found in production, such as form, structure, and results. New expressions – technically, artistically, and sustainably – were explored with the goal of changing the approach to the developmental process of furniture design and the designer’s role within. That’s Lola’s birth story.

While that marked a clear beginning, it took numerous prototypes and years of research and refinement before the chair was complete. Adjustments to the frame were made several times to assure Lola was going to be as durable and as comfortable as possible. Sustainability was also a primary focus, making material choices all the more important. In the end, the chair’s design is fully circular – all parts can be separated and recycled.

Lola’s frame was made to support flexibility, meaning you can rest on the chair however you’d like – sit in the chair or lean on the backrest. The ergonomically designed steel frame is available in an array of bold colors and low-key neutrals. The stitching provides a final touch of attention to detail, providing the chair with a uniquely upholstered seat and back. Take Lola to the lounge, the lobby, workplaces, or even home.

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