The Luminous LUXOR Light Replicates a Bright Spring Day

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If you’re one of the 10 million Americans affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD), you probably already use a bright full spectrum light in the morning to help counteract the feelings of depression and lethargy associated with the winter months. You’re also likely well aware the vast majority of lamps and light boxes sold to help treat SAD are often disappointingly utilitarian in design, lighting devised first and foremost as medical devices rather than a lamp you typically would welcome into a home. Ironically, it’s a mildly depressing fact that most SAD lighting is sadly designed.

Unlike other light treatment devices, the LUXOR’s pyramid shape design integrates a decorative modernity normally absent in other options.

Light therapy specialists Northern Light Technologies sells an assortment of functional floor and desk lamps suited for this purpose, most exhibiting the aforementioned clinical style of lighting engineered to combat SAD. Fortunately, the company also offers a pair of clinically devised lighting solutions outfitted with a simple geometry that we dare say is worthy of displaying as a design object.

The LUXOR and Mini LUXOR are similarly equipped desk lamps designed to emit 10,000 Lux of light at up to 12 inches distance, the recommended dose of bright illumination that has been studied/proven to diminish the wintertime humdrums. Equally mood lifting is the LUXOR’s contemporary pyramid-shaped silhouette, one that emits its treatment from a front facing panel.

The larger LUXOR desk lamp measures a sizable 15 inches across each triangular panel. Equipped with a 45 Watt fluorescent bulb to simulate outdoor natural light, its large size makes it easy to treat SAD effectively when used as recommended.

A desk or table lamp with a 15-inch base requires some planning in regards to placement, thus Northern Lights also offers the smaller Mini LUXOR. Measuring 11.5 inches across each side, the Mini edition is more suitable to sit across a desk compared to its larger sibling which might require a pedestal or side table.

Regardless of size, each edition is engineered to glow without harmful UV nor without producing any distracting humming or annoying flickering. Even after a morning dose of light therapy is completed, the lights appear suitable to keep on throughout the day as a secondary or primary light source to boost darkened rooms (and the occupant’s spirits).

The Northern Lights LUXOR is priced at $190 with the Mini LUXOR available for $144, both backed by a 60-day money back guarantee along with a 7-year unlimited warranty.

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