The Lumio Ovo Tilts Toward Portable Illumination

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It’s become commonplace to add a rechargeable outdoor lantern or two to shed some light across an outdoor patio or balcony when al fresco dining is on the menu. But until recently, modern lamps sans the power cord designed for inside the home have been few and far between; those available would hardly warrant attention for their design, prioritizing function over form. And that’s a shame, because the reality is there’s not always a convenient outlet to plug into where you most need a light. The Lumio Ovo is amongst one of the more design-forward options available today, a lithium polymer battery powered table lamp glowing with sculptural elegance even while off.

Inspired by the playground staple – the see-saw – the seamless anodized aluminum lamp is comprised as a two-sided balancing act between a sculpted shade for directing light and a secondary small opaline sphere. The design lands visually somewhere between Michael Anastassiades’ IC Lights for Flos and Peter Stathis’ 360º pivoting Trapeze LED lamp, combining the sculptural poise of the former with the counterweighted movement of the latter – a captivating silhouette that tempts the curious to investigate whether the lamp balances confidently or precariously.

The Ovo is designed to rotate 360º  with just a gentle nudge, delivering a warm white 3000K temperature light from its light dome and an even warmer 2700K from the light ball counterpart.

Without a listed brightness its hard to say whether the Ovo would operate as a primary light source for work, but as a secondary ambient light it should most certainly shine. With 4 levels of brightness controllable by a touch operation, the USB-C port rechargeable desk lamp offers up to 6 hours of use at the brightest setting, sipping a meager 2 watts from its 3500mAH lithium polymer battery (the same capacity used in high powered flashlights).

Lumio is offering the Ovo in a matte silver (actually aluminum) and a more ritzy matte gold finish, each retailing at a pre-sale price of $375 before its planned September 2024 release. For further info, head over to

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