The Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch screens look surprisingly different

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the upcoming release of the Steam Deck console, which is said to be one of the most powerful gaming devices to date. However, after one Redditor shared an image comparing the Steam Deck to the Nintendo Switch, we have our doubts.

User Biggs17 shared an image of the Nintendo Switch OLED (with Hori Pad Pro Joy-Cons) alongside the Steam Deck. Both consoles are similar in shape, which is why they are often compared with each other. But after seeing the two side-by-side, we’re thinking Switch OLED could trump its new competitor in the screen stakes. Liking the sound of the Switch OLED? Make sure you check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch Deals.

probably_the_best_comparison_so_far_steam_deck_vs from r/SteamDeck

Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch OLED (top) vs Steam Deck (bottom) (Image credit: Biggs17 on Reddit)

In the Reddit post (see above), both consoles are sporting the home screen for the Phoenix Wright game. However, the Steam Deck looks considerably less vibrant than the Switch OLED, with the graphics looking slightly blue and less contrasted. We’re surprised to see that the Switch OLED screen looks to be a similar size to the Steam Deck. And when equipped with the Hori Pad Pro controller, the consoles looks almost identical in length.

It seems many Redditors are just as impressed with the Switch OLED graphics as we are, with one user commenting on the post, “Damn, that OLED screen looks good,” and another saying, “That OLED really does outshine the IPS-LCD in colours and contrast”. However, some aren’t convinced that the Switch may outperform the Steam Deck, with one user responding to the post, “I wouldn’t trust the colour accuracy picked up by a smartphone camera. What you see may not be a full representation of real-life”.

The Steam Deck is set to be released on 25 February at the starting price of $399 for a 64GB console, which is $49 more expensive than the Switch OLED currently priced at $350. We’re yet to get our hands on either console to properly compare, but if that Reddit post is anything to go by, we know which console we would prefer to spend our money on. If you’re not convinced by either console, then perhaps we can tempt you with one of the other best games consoles on the market?

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