The Updated Toneoptic rpm Takes Your Stored Vinyl for a New Spin

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In the world of vinyl collecting, the cover art and the joy of discovering the perfect record to play are integral to the experience. But what if you could take your vinyl appreciation to a whole new level? Enter the new Toneoptic rpm, an updated version of an innovative vinyl storage shelf we first covered last year. The Toneoptic rpm isn’t just your ordinary vinyl storage solution – it cleverly marries design and functionality, thereby elevating your music listening experience.

Graphic designer turned brand strategist, Fabian Geyrhalter, dreamt up the idea over the years as a way to house his ever-growing collection of vinyl, which is up to 2,000 records. Born in Los Angeles and crafted in partnership with a designer and engineer who worked with Frank Gehry Partners and Boeing Aircraft, this design is quite unlike any seen before. What sets it apart is the patent-pending, 90-degree rotation mechanism that will change the way you look at vinyl forever.

The updated Toneoptic RPM comes with a range of new features designed to bring your vinyl collection storage to new heights. Made of 143 parts, this deign is built with modularity in mind. You can now install it on walls using wall brackets or place it on flat surfaces, making it a versatile addition to any music listening environment.

Whether mounted to the wall or resting on a table, each unit stores 60-75 records. There are two dividers that allow for easy categorizing, or organizing 7″, 10″, and 12″ records. When stored, the pull-out shelf remains close to the wall with the spines of the records facing out. When you want to flip through the vinyl, much like the setup of any record store, simply pull the powder-coated aluminum shelf forward while the tray with the albums spins. Now, you can flip through them with all of the covers in full view.

The Toneoptic rpm is available in matte black or glossy white finishes and measures 17.04″ deep 18.61″ wide x 15.7″ high. The compact size makes it easy to group multiple units together if more than one are required to hold your entire collection.

The Toneoptic rpm is currently available in a matte black or glossy white finish for $375, or $325 if you prefer the unmounted version, at There’s also a discounted rate if you buy in a three pack, with shipping estimated sometime between January and February 2024.

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