The Vela Sofa Subtly Alludes to the Beauty of Sails

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You don’t need to be a boat captain to appreciate Saba Italia’s latest sofa. Designed by product design studio Zanellato/Bortotto, the Vela (Italian for sail) Sofa is a nod to the majestic moment of an unfurled sail, a symbol of compromise between man and nature in the open waters.

The details are subtle but distinct. The quilted upholstery is marked by diagonals that allude to the mainsail and the jib (the smaller staysail on a vessel). The silhouette of the sofa is softly curved in all perimeters, like a sail that has fortuitously met a strong wind. The fabric is exclusively designed for the sofa and the sofa’s covers can be fully removed for ease of cleaning.

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Lifestyle photos by Mattia Balsamini, still life photos by Studio Rocci.

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