The Zero-Thickness Chair Is Stronger Than You Might Think

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Your brain isn’t glitching and you’re not in the middle of a game of Minecraft, we promise. We’re just introducing you to the Zero-Thickness Chair, designed by two Tbilisi-based design studios, XYZ Integrated Architecture, founded by architect Levan Lominashvili, and Sandro Lominashvili. This furniture’s joints appear nearly non-existent, and definitely too fragile to sit a human amount of weight upon. But no, it’s actually a very strong, functional chair made using steel, MDF, and unique joinery.

The Zero-Thickness Chair’s durability and strength was achieved by welding steel tubes in the position of zero thickness geometry, also known as non-manifold geometry. “Zero-thickness” refers to any edge shared by more than two faces. This occurs when a face or edge is extruded but remains in its original position – providing two identical edges that overlap one another.

We love how the strong black frames acts as an outline of the chair, while the pastel colored seat looks good enough to eat. It might not be gummy candy, but its thickness is a reassuring sign of its functionality and a welcome place to sit.

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Photography by D. Sulakauri.

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