This candy-shooting iPhone 13 case may be the most unnecessary invention ever

With the iPhone 13 now out, those who have bought the top-of-the-range Pro Max version of Apple’s latest smartphone are likely to be considering their options for how to keep the device safe. Despite the durability of Apple’s Ceramic Shield, and of the phone itself, it still makes sense to consider investing in a case when you consider how much the phone costs.

We’d normally say that a good phone case should protect your phone in the most unobtrusive way possible, but one designer had another idea. How about an iPhone 13 Pro Max case that doubles as a candy shooter? OK, so it may just be the most unnecessary phone accessory ever devised, and one that’s potentially lethal both for yourself and others around you. But we have to say we’re sold all the same (see our iPhone 13 Pro review for more on Apple’s latest phone).

The DIY Candy Catapult Case is the creation of the inventor and YouTuber Matty Benedetto, who runs the aptly named business Unnecessary Inventions. After having an accident with his own iPhone 12, and with a brand new iPhone 13 Pro on the way, he decided he needed “the perfect case so this one survives no matter what damage happens… and has some kind of unnecessary twist built in.”

He designed the case by taking the new phone’s dimensions from the Apple website then produced it using 3D printed flexible TPU filament. Containing the kind of spring-loaded plunger used in pinball machines, the case can be filled with M&Ms, Skittles or any similarly sized hard candy of your choice. You can then load up a piece of candy and fire it into the air to try to catch it in your mouth – or to shoot it clear across a room.

Some more of Benedetto’s creations (Image credit: Unnecessary Inventions)

Benedetto’s Unnecessary Inventions offers all kinds of other curios, including a PlayStation 5 plant pot (PlantStation 5), AirSticks (chopsticks you can attach to your AirPods because, well, why not?) and a ludicrous pizza fanny pack. Some of them are available at his online store.

Many of the inventions are not only unnecessary but also staggeringly impractical, serving as hilarious send-ups of useless design. We reckon it takes a certain kind of design genius just to devise such outlandish concepts and execute them with such precision and finesse, so we tip our hats to Benedetto’s work. He certainly seems to have a lot of fun coming up with ideas.

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