This High-Contrast, Connected Script Typeface is Positively Super

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Superscript started first as a doodle and then as a personal challenge for designer Neil Summerour. Summerour, the founder of George-based Positype and Swash & Kern lettering studio, was doodling in his sketchbook with a sumi brush. Like a brush used for calligraphy, the Sumi brush’s sharp tip and broad base enable the artist to experiment endlessly with thin and thick strokes simultaneously. Summerour typically warms up with whimsical exercises, but this time, something clicked. The letterforms looked like the rough beginnings of a typeface.

Superscript initially only featured the heavier styles until a colleague, Potch Auacherdkul, pointed out that the typeface should have a thin weight. So, the duo completed the thin and light versions and all the variations you see today. The high-contrast, connected script offers five weights, a sky-scraping x-height, and a dynamic set of ligatures, glyphs, swashes, stylistic flourishes, and more. Superscript is highly versatile, with the ability to shapeshift into elegant, playful, or powerful personas.

Elevate your designs from merely mortal to heroic with Superscript. Cape optional.

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