This is a Prototype: Rama Gheerawo

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Creatives make great leaders because when we design we reveal a little bit of our soul. We don’t hide. And that little bit of soul-showing is something that I think leadership needs.”

—Rama Gheerawo

In this episode, host Doug Powell speaks to Rama Gheerawo, director of the The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art in the UK, and the author of the book Creative Leadership, Born from Design. In his book, Rama asks not only whether designers can actually be leaders, but whether we can in fact be better leaders because of our creative capabilities and qualities, which is one of the central questions of this series.

In this episode, Rama and Doug go deep on the epidemic of impostor syndrome among design leaders, and we explore his framework for creative leadership that’s built on the principles of Empathy, Clarity and Creativity. Rama also shares some inspiring world leaders who embody these principles.

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