This, That, There: From Form’s Flip-Book Campaign for Amsterdam Museum Night

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Independent creative studio From Form has created a campaign for Museumnacht Amsterdam (Museum Night), an annual cultural event in November when more than 60 museums across the Dutch capital open their doors at night. This year’s theme, DIT, DAT, DAAR (THIS, THAT, THERE), centers the iconic event’s rich and diverse details—literally—through fragments and close-ups of the city, its people, and museums.

From Form took a highly visual and nostalgic approach, staying away from text-heavy applications, instead inviting the audience to curate their own unique experience during the event. And that’s exactly how the duo approached the project. Equipped with two cameras, co-founders and creative directors Jerjen Versteeg and Ashley Gover explored Amsterdam’s museums and captured visual fragments of their experience. The resulting flip-book aesthetic mimics how people might discover the city’s cultural treasures in a seemingly endless number of combinations.

From Form has a reputation for combining real and imagined worlds in a playful, colorful, and approachable way. In addition to filmmaking, the duo are painters and set builders with a strong affinity for analog and “the imperfect.”

We opted for an optimistic and upbeat tone of voice. One that’s playful and rhythmic putting a strong emphasis on the analogue approach – such as the flip-book, printed textures and stickers – with a hint of nostalgia.

Ashley Govers

The studio also produced the 2021 and 2022 campaigns. This year’s campaign builds on their efforts to encourage people, especially the young, to experience well-known institutions such as the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Ann Frank Huis, alongside smaller collections like the Amsterdam Pipe Museum, The Black Archives, and Mediamatic (an organization that features workshops and exhibitions at the intersection of art, nature, and food).

The campaign played out on the Museum Night website, its social media channels, and on posters and billboards throughout Amsterdam and its public transport system.

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