This Triangle Vase Gives You Freedom to Create a Unique Collection

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The square is an often-used shape in architecture and interior design, and the circle has its own bragging rights, being dubbed the “most perfect form” by Greek scholar Proclus. What about the triangle? For starters, it’s the star of the show in Munich-based designer Lorenz Noelle’s newest series for German design brand dennismaass. Inspired by basic geometries, its reoccurrence in skylines, and its symbolism as growth in nature, the Triangle Vase Collection offers a new way to collect and highlight objects.

The aim of the collection was to give users the freedom to combine the vases in whatever way they see fit. There are three different sizes in height of the Triangular Vase, but the dimensions of its perimeter are always the same. This allows the user to create endless configurations, like a modular cityscape. The vases are made of 90% biopolymers and are 3D printed with a smooth interior and a grooved exterior that create an interplay between light and shadow.

Learn more about the Triangle Vases here and follow Lorenz Noelle here on Instagram. To purchase a Triangle Vase, head to dennismaass.

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