Top 10 Agriculture Logos For 2022

Last updated on December 14th, 2021

Agriculture sector is vast and it covers a lot of business aspects. There are thousands of new and old companies active in providing agriculture related services. To survive the tough market conditions and for business growth, startups need competitive agriculture logo designs. Such agriculture logo designs can convey a brand message and help build brand identity.

Agriculture is surely a vast field of business. Many small and big companies are active in providing a wide range of related services. There are approximately 2.08 million farms in the U.S and there are around 913 million acres of farmland across the country. It is because of advanced agriculture techniques, the country exports about 133 billion dollars of agri products annually.

In a wide-ranging agri market, you may be directly selling your food crops or processing them. You may even be in the business of selling equipments to do farming and irrigation. All such activities are categories as related to agriculture. Whichever agribusiness your new company may be doing, first it must have an impressive logo along with attractive packaging design.

Must Keep In Mind..

Agriculture logos have many roles to play in the growth of a company’s business in this field. First, a logo will tell the clients and general customers about what the company does. The logo will immediately make it clear the niche your company is active in. For example, if you are in the field of growing some fruits or vegetables, a good look at the logo will let the people know about your business.

So, make sure that your logo of agri based company is nothing less than stunning piece of work. The logo must be a unique design. One of the characteristics of a great logo is that it’s a simple design. An advantage of a simple logo is that it establishes a rapport with viewers immediately. They can easily get the brand message of such logos. A simple logo whether designed by logo maker tool or by a professional designer always lingers on in people’s memory

Make sure that the use of colors and fonts has a purpose. Use only one or two colors and fonts. A complex design with more elements will only confuse viewers. Since colors evoke emotion, use only those colors that can evoke the feelings related to your brand. Fonts are the best elements to give a personality to your logo.

So, if your company name appears in your logo, use fonts carefully to create a brand personality through your logo. You can also take the help of free logo templates available online to design an outstanding logo for your company.

Here Are Some Of The Inspirational Agricultural Logo Designs

01. Marsh Groves

The company is in the business of farming a variety of citrus fruits and it specializes in pomelo. Its logo is a simple design. It uses the images of citrus fruits to convey its message to the target clients.

Marsh Groves

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The tempting image of the fruits in the logo is good enough to lure the potential customers towards the company’s business. Yellow and red colors in the logo present an impressive contrast to the eyes. Such a logo design contributes a lot towards branding a business.

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02. Buhrmann Farms

Buhrmann farms logo has an agriculture work machine as its main element. In fact, the machine to plough the field seems to be old fashioned technology. But the main reason for incorporating this tool in the logo is the company’s slogan that it respects its past. The vivid image of the equipment makes this logo unique and memorable.

Buhrmann Farms

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

03. Staley’s

The Staley’s logo is another example of how great agriculture logo designs should look like. The logo incorporates a seed that is sprouting. This image gives a clear message that the company provides agriculture based services. Since the company deals especially in seeding aspect of crops, the designer thought it would be good to use a sprouting seed as main element in the logo.

logo design

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04. Joyfarm logo design is memorable for two reasons. First there is an image of red beetle sitting on a leaf. The beetle symbolizes the harms that a crop suffers due to insects. The company helps farmers in growing healthy crops. Another memorable element is the shape of org into a smiling and satisfied customer. So, the message is clear that the customers of the company experience satisfaction when dealing with the services of the company. Such logo and brand identity help grow a business.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

05. VT Hemp Nursery

The company VT Hemp Nursery LLC grows hemp plants and seeds. A reason for its logo having hills and river is that hemp is mainly grown in the northern hemisphere of the globe. The word organic in the logo sends out a message that the help plants and seeds from the company are safe and secure for consumption.

VT Hemp Nursery

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Hemp is also used for medicinal purposes. This is one of the memorable agriculture logo designs that gels well with the company’s facebook cover design and other graphic design products.

06. Halter

The Halter logo is one of the remarkable agriculture logo designs for 2022. The company deals in growing corn crop and delivers the related products and services. The logo has an image of corn in a unique style.


[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The letter L is shaped as a corn with husk, which instantly tells the company’s field of business. The logo is one green color and to present some contrast to the eyes, there is brown color also. Such uniquely designed logos appear great on a signage design outside of a farm produce shop.

Agriculture logo

07. Davis Applicators

The company deals in poultry related agriculture farming. Its logo has a chicken as a dominant element, which shows to the audience the core business of the enterprise. The logo has a drop shape to give it a unique and memorable look.

Davis Applicators

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

08. Agriculture Research Conference

The Agriculture Research Conference logo has three elements – cow, wheat pods, and a drone. All the three elements are directly linked with the research in agriculture. Drone is used as a technology to collect the research data. Green color in the logo stands for agriculture and nature. It is a simple logo design with minimal use of design elements.

Agriculture Research

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

09. Kuharske Agri Products

Kuharske company does business in agri products. The company’s agriculture logo has a grazing cow, farm, and a farming equipment as main elements. The logo looks impressive due to the use of line art and a combination of different fonts.

Kuharske Agri Products

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

The logo looks impressive in its colorless version as well, which is a good sign of an ideal logo. Remember that you may be required to advertise your farming business in local newspapers, which usually print logos in black and white. So, your newspaper ad design and logo must gel together nicely.

10. High Altitude

High Altitude company deals with the vegetable and other crops grown at high altitudes. The leaves of the plant are therefore made sharp as they grow on a very high altitude. The logo also has the plant roots displayed to the viewers to make the design unique. So, these are the top agriculture logo designs for 2022 that you should observe as inspirational designs. You should also think of coming out with such memorable agriculture icons for your business.

High Altitude

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