Top 10 At the Office + Commercial Design Posts of 2023

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10. 3form’s 2023 Color Collection Nails Down Hard-to-Find Hues

Inspired by the four seasons and the emotions they evoke, leading materials manufacturer 3form added 10 new pastel hues to its permanent color system. After laying out swatches of current colors in order to identify missing ones. The 3form design team noticed an opportunity to introduce soft, subtle versions of their saturated tones. The new colors – Lavish, Graceland, Alta, Smolder, Honeycomb, Rhubarb, Talc, Cedarwood, Adobe, and Comet – offer fresh ways to brighten up commercial environments.

9. SPACE10’s New Headquarters Is Very Community-Centric

Although SPACE10 closed in August 2023 after almost a decade of inspiring forward-thinking design and innovations, we’re glad to have shared about the last iteration of the Copenhagen-based research and design lab. In February, the main floor was fully transformed into a community-centric space, even more so then before. New additions, including a public library with a take-a-book-leave-a-book system, fostered an environment that’s conducive for community exchange and creative ideation.

8. Not Your Average School Lockers: SOMA Transforms the Hybrid Office

San Francisco-based office brand Pair created SOMA as a locker system that meets the needs of an office in a post-COVID world. Because there are now four types of workers (full-time, part-time, hybrid, and temporary), SOMA helps define office spaces for those who are routinely coming in and out on varied schedules while also maximizing storage space.

7. A 1940s Pink Villa Becomes New Home for Luca Nichetto’s Studio

Is it a home? Is it in office? It’s both! The Pink Villa is designer Luca Nichetto’s new studio in Stockholm, Sweden. The renovation and refurbishment of the home began in 2021, along with the interior design, which was done in-house. From the sofas to the chairs to the lighting to the plant holders, most of the furnishings throughout were designed by Luca himself.

6. Swipe Right Into Tinder’s 7-Story West Hollywood Headquarters

We all fell in love (pun intended) with Tinder’s new headquarters designed by Rapt Studio. Inspired by existing public space typologies, from the town square to the speakeasy, the studio transformed the seven-story, 77,000-square-foot project into a multi-level headquarters layered with a multitude of opportunities for collaboration and connection.

5. Our Place Opens Melrose Retail Spot With Colors That Reflect Their Pans

Known for its modern cookwares in a myriad of delightful, muted colors, Our Place tapped on Ringo Studio to design its second storefront in West Hollywood after the success of its Venice location. The retail space is the definition of “aesthetically pleasing,” showcasing products in homey vignettes and features the Building a Bigger Table Room that exudes their mission to “welcome everyone to have a seat at the table.”

4. The BOB Sofa System Continues Expanding Its Versatility

Designed by Stefan Borselius and Thomas Bernstrand for Blå Station to expand the BOB family, the three new additions – BOB Solo, BOB Biz, and BOB Corner – make the office a more versatile, worker-friendly space with their presence. BOB Solo gives one the ability to roam about at will, thanks to a set of wheels underneath its base while BOB Biz is an ideal setup for face-to-face meetings, brainstorming, and collaboration. Lastly, BOB Corner is an important addition to the adaptable BOB sofa system because it now adds the ability to create 90-degree angle connections.

3. Gensler Redefines the Workplace With a Multi-Floor Vertical City

From the 20th to the 26th floor of the Accenture Tower, Gensler created a sensorial experience that takes visitors and clients on an immersive innovation journey through a digital and physical landscape. This “vertical city” offers workspaces, specialty labs, hospitality areas, immersion rooms, production spaces, and even a broadcast studio.

2. Camille Walala’s Vibrant Studio Where Happiness + Joy Are Created

Step into the French artist’s new digs designed with Our Department! The vibrant new studio is 100% inspiring, with touches of Memphis, Pop Art, and post-modernism. While fairly modest in size, it’s where Walala produces a plethora of work, from large-scale public project collaborations to smaller scale art, including paintings, sculptures, and ceramics.

And the most popular At The Office + commercial post of 2023 is…

1. Chilewich’s Worktop Adds Texture to Your Kitchen in a New Way

Worktop is a custom woven covering that helps protect large surface areas while also adding a textural element. It was originally designed for hospitality applications and a Michelin-starred restaurant even shared that it estimated they spent $33,600 per year on regular tablecloths before converting to Worktop. Now, Worktop is available to consumers and can be extended for use in bathroom vanities, desktops, and more.

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